Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Joke of NCAA Suspensions

The college football season begins this Thursday. Over the past seven months, we have heard one of three topics: Alabama going for a three-peat, Ohio State improving on perfection, and Johnny Manziel's off-the-field issues.

On Monday, Manziel reportedly met for over six hours with the NCAA at College Station. Reports say that this meeting is to determine whether or not Manziel accepted money for his autograph and if he will be suspended for any games in the 2013 season.

I can promise you that he will not be suspended, and not because he is innocent.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Gutterball 2013 : The New York Jets

When I was a young kid growing up, my mother always told me to get my mind out of the gutter. Well, that was great parental advice that kind of fell flat as I got older. There is a kind of strange fascination of watching a slow moving train wreck occur…especially when it involves highly paid people and NFL Teams.

Each week during the rest of the pre-season and throughout the regular season, I will explore the dark underbelly of the league. The nether regions of football will be scrutinized with the fascination of watching a disaster flick. This week’s team featured in Gutterball 2013 is the New York Jets.

The Hypocrisy of Sports

All sports groups are becoming more and more hypocritical. When will the hypocrisy stop? The NFL fines for "illegal" hits make no sense when career-ending hits don't get penalized. The NCAA profits on the names of players on their online store, yet will suspend players like Terrelle Pryor and now maybe Johnny Manziel for profiting. They even sell Joe Paterno "409 Wins" memorabilia when the NCAA themselves vacated over 100 wins. MLB wants to protect its players, yet suspends a pitcher for throwing at Alex Rodriguez, and that suspension isn't long enough for Ryan Demptster to miss a start.
What's Wrong With Sports? #BilasForPres

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Using the 3SN Custom Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

For fantasy football owners, research tends to be the hardest part to start. Quite literally, I have found nearly 100% of fantasy owners I've talked to actually be able to talk fantasy football for hours and hours, but when they need to take that knowledge, back it up with some player statistics and construct player lists, power rankings and fantasy tiers, they just can't find an easy way about it.

Now, you can let the 360 Sports Network help, with our customizable fantasy football cheat sheet...and right now, this fantasy football guru is going to show you EXACTLY how to use it, to get started in your fantasy research, and more. We'll cover various league types, fantasy football scoring and player stats and adjusting them.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Top Five Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Sleepers

Welcome back to our look at fantasy football sleepers by position. Today, we are going to take a look at five of the top fantasy football sleepers around. A few are deeper thoughts on the subject, while two are about right and the last is gaining a lot of attention; by the time you draft, Hilton might not be around!

So what makes a wide receiver sleeper different from the rest? First, his potential could land him a Flex1 position from the very first game. Most running back sleepers and fantasy quarterback just don't have enough umph to do this at times. Next, fantasy wide receivers usually don't spike out their play when solid from the beginning of the NFL season...they either stay strong, progressively get better, or just fade away until the free agency wire is their team. The last item, years played. Everyone you see here is less than two years in the league, with one exception; so for any keeper league drafters, this list is for you!

Friday, August 23, 2013

The NFL, RG3 and ESPN walk into a bar...

Reggie Bush (RB - Detroit Lions) looked like a magician, leading his team to a 40-9 butt-whooping over the New England Patriots in pre-season action last night. Bush only carried the ball six times for one yard, but caught 5 passes for 103 yards, including a 67 yard reception that set up a David Akers field goal.

On the other side of the ball, Kenbrell Thompkins (WR - New England Patriots) showed a ton of chemistry with Tom Brady (QB - New England Patriots) last night, grabbing 8 receptions on 12 looks for 116 yards; with Brady at the helm, 6 receptions for 93 yards.

A report has surfaced that the NFL pressured ESPN to back out of a PBS "Frontline" documentary concerning concussions. Publicly, the league office denies the report, however, sources are quoted as stating a meeting took place between Roger Goodell, Steve Bornstein (president of the NFL network), ESPN's president John Skipper and ESPN's executive vice president of production John Wildhack.

Greg Aiello, spokesman for the NFL, told the Times, "At no time did we formally, or informally, ask them to divorce themselves from the project." ESPN spokesman Chris LaPlaca said Thursday that ESPN's decision wasn't based on concerns about it's contractual relationship with the NFL, but instead, because of disputes with editorial oversights concerning the piece.

In 'stupid as hell' news, the NFL has fined Robert Griffin III (QB - Washington Redskins) for a uniform and dress code violation during warmups before the pre-season game versus the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday night. Griffin wore a 'OPERATION PATIENCE' t-shirt on the sidelines; the game, he didn't even play in. Because of the NFL's contract with Nike, and the shirt being an Adidas brand shirt, RG3 violated the dumbest rule in the NFL.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have diagnoses two players with MRSA infections. Guard Carl Nicks and kicker Lawrence Tynes are being treated for the infections. MRSA is a staph infection that is resistant to some antibiotics. The Buccaneers do not know where the two were exposed to the infection, and there is no timetable set for their return.

That's it for me, be sure to check out this weekend's look at the top 5 fantasy football wide receivers, as well as a how to on using 360 Sport Network's free customizable fantasy football cheat sheet tool! Have a great Friday!

Top 5 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet of Tips

Nothing is worse than showing up to a live fantasy football draft, or even an online one, only to realize, you are unprepared; no lists, no information, nothing. You sit down and as the draft starts, people snicker as you make selections, you not realizing your starting quarterback and second wide receiver are on injured reserve. Yes, it is sad.

But you can change that all at once! By preparing, practicing, printing, listening and being awesome, you are bound for fantasy football glory this year. So lets look at my 5 fantasy football cheat sheet of tips right now! Don't want to wait, but you want to get started on your fantasy football glory right now??? Download the 360 Sports Network's free customizable fantasy football cheat sheet now!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Injuries, fines and contract extensions day!

Sean Lee (LB - Dallas Cowboys) has agreed to a sizable contract extension, with the deal equating to six years for an estimated 7 to 8.5 million dollars a year on average (10.63 for one year, 16.13 for two and between 18 and 20 for three, depending on conditions).

The fourth year starting linebacker only played in six games last season, after suffering a toe injury versus the Carolina Panthers that landed him on injured reserve. The Cowboys are looking to rebound from a disappointing 8-8 season last year, and it looks like Lee is their anchor on defense.

Robert Griffin III (QB - Washington Redskins) took snaps against the starting defense yesterday, a good sign that his deadline of return will be a hit. While the starters were not in full pads yesterday, they were at full speed, and RG3 was quoted as saying "I feel good."

Le'Veon Bell (RB - Pittsburgh Steelers) is expected to miss six to eight weeks with a Lisfranc injury, unless season-ending surgery is required. The Steelers' second round draft pick was slated to start beside Isaac Redman on the depth charts. After this injury, not only is that no longer true, but his fantasy football value plummets him nearly out of range on draft day.

Arian Foster (RB - Houston Texans) was removed from the PUP list yesterday and practiced with the team for the first time this season. The running back has been hampered by a nagging back soreness, as well as soreness, stiffness and pain in his legs that has left him turning to injections for relief and therapy. Coach Kubiak has stated that while Foster looked good in his return, it would be unlikely to see him play in either of the Texans' remaining pre-season games.

Linebacker Jonathan Bostic (LB - Chicago Bears) was fined $21,000 for a hit the NFL has ruled as "lowering his head and making forcible contact with the top or crown of his helmet" and "delivering a hit against a defenseless receiver". While the live video shows an apparently clean hit against Chargers' receiver Mike Willie, the review committee examined stills that show an illegal hit. The interesting part about all of this, is on NFL.com, a site owned exclusively by the NFL, who said the hit wasn't clean, called the hit in it's headline "spectacular".

That's it for me today. Take it easy, and enjoy the sunshine!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings - 3SN Live

We will be LIVE at 6:00 from the Crane Room Bar and Grille to expand your fantasy football Virtual Draft Guide! Send us your fantasy questions on twitter (@3SNetwork), in the comments section below, on Facebook, or on Ustream! We'll talk position rankings, sleepers, and general draft strategy. Come join the fun!

Fantasy Football Power Rankings Changes

Not too much to report concerning player moves so lets take a look at some power rankings. Whenever I cover power rankings, and fantasy football player movement, keep in mind, I use standard scoring, and that is...1 point for every 25 yards thrown, 1 point for each 10 yards rushing or receiving, along with 6 points per touchdown, whether thrown or otherwise.

Robert Griffin III (QB - Washington Redskins) is finally starting to come up on draft boards from his previous number 15 position into the tier 4, some even placing him into the tier 2. This, about the only good news for a fairly banged up passing corp for the Washington Redskins.

Matt Ryan (QB - Atlanta Falcons) is finally getting some more respect. Previous to this week, the average draft position for the Atlanta Falcon starting quarterback was somewhere in the tier 5 region. Currently he is ranked on average as the number 6 to number 9 fantasy football quarterback.

Eli Manning (QB - New York Giants) is still falling in value. The injury to Victor Cruz and problems with the backfield in New York might have helped this Giant fall. Right now, his projection is nearly a round 9 selection...that is completely undervalued.

Andrew Luck (QB - Indianapolis Colts) seems to finally be breaking the top ten for fantasy football quarterbacks, sleepers or not. The averaged draft position for Luck is now leaning towards QB9 through QB12, with him now considered a solid tier 3 quarterback.

Arian Foster (RB - Houston Texans) is on a free-fall in his fantasy football value. A sore back was the initial reasoning for him missing games and practices, but now it's public knowledge he is receiving injections for pain, soreness and stiffness into his legs too. WOW!

Jamaal Charles (RB - Kansas City Chiefs) hasn't seen a lot of movement in his fantasy football value after his injury last week...not much to cover.

Trent Richardson (RB - Cleveland Browns) is surging his placement this week. After missing some practices before last week's game against the Detroit Lions with a shin injury, he still rushed 6 times for 33 yards. Norv Turner has also stated that he is targeting more carries and more catches for the running back...all good music to my fantasy football ears!

CJ Spiller (RB - Buffalo Bills) is starting to fall, as the mist known as pre-season hope starts to fade away from the Buffalo Bills once again. A question at quarterback, along with lackluster depth at receiver, have turned the backfield into a Thunderdome of potential problems.

Brandon Marshall (WR - Chicago Bears) has found a groove with Jay Cutler (QB - Chicago Bears), and fantasy football owners are taking notice, as Brandon Marshall moves into a virtual tie with Demaryius Thomas (WR - Denver Broncos) for the number 2/3 position for wide receivers.

Larry Fitzgerald (WR - Arizona Cardinals) has fell hard in fantasy rankings. After starting the pre-season in the top ten, has is barely squeaking into the top 15 with an average draft position at round 7 through 10.

Dez Bryant (WR - Dallas Cowboys) and AJ Green (WR - Cincinnati Bengals) both continue to slide, each moving further and further until now, they are both tier two receivers.

That's it for me, as we look briefly at some rankings' changes in fantasy football. Check out Dotson and Dellav, live at the Crane Room Bar and Grille in New Castle PA tonight, starting at 6 o'clock...all of it live, on 360 Sports Network. Take it easy everybody...

Andre Roberts - Fantasy Football Sleeper

So we have yet to come out with our top five sleeper wide receivers for the 2013-14 fantasy football season. When that list comes out, it is quite likely that Andre Roberts's name will make the cut. That's because Roberts is such a deep sleeper that TOO MANY will forget about him. Some will say that he's such a sleeper pick that he's "in a coma." However, I believe that YOU will want to be in a coma if you don't go after this guy, especially if you are in a PPR league.

Fantasy Football Toolkit for August 20th, 2013

Sooooo, fun tale. The Mad Scientist and I recorded an episode of the Fantasy Football Toolkit last night. We covered it all, and then some...including running back handcuffs, sleeper picks in fantasy football by position, even did full team coverage on who has the plethora of fantasy love by team. Then, a strange thing happened on the way to editing...the files were corrupt during editing! Ya, technical things happen, and the Fantasy Football Toolkit, as well as your ol' buddy, the Lostcause, are not immune.

The good news? Well, we have a hidden, destroyed, never-will-be-heard first episode this season out there, and gone...we're going to call it the Ryan Leaf's Talent episode. If you want to listen, just put out your ear and wait for Jacksonville fans to root for their team in the Superbowl...yes, you will hear the same silence as the lost episode.

Sorry all, including my co-captain, The Mad Scientist. Next week, though, my friends, next week, we shall be hitting all facets fantasy football on the Toolkit. Be there for all the help you need to make your fantasy football team THE team in your fantasy league this year. We'll have insights for each team, quarterback break-downs, running back handcuffs and wide receiver sleepers...all that and more, as I and the Mad Scientist help you on the Fantasy Football Toolkit.

Also, some programming news and a heads up, August 28th, 2013, live from the Crane Room Bar and Grille, the boys of 360 Sports Network, along with some friends, will be drafting on air, live on 3SN. Come out for the wings, beer and specials of the Crane Room, but stay for the sh*ts and giggles knows as the 3SN Live crew!

Take care and my apologies to all!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The It's Crap Edition of Fantasy Football Daily Pigskin Blink

"It's crap" This a quote from Brian Hartline (WR - Miami Dolphins), with respect to Houston Texan rookie D.J. Swearinger's hit on Dustin Keller, that resulted in a torn ACL, MCL, PCL and a dislocated knee cap. Swearinger, speaking after Saturday's game, stated, concerning the hit and the injury, "My senior year I had like three helmet-to-helmet [penalties]. I knew I had to change my style of play and start targeting low." (Quote provided by ESPN.com)

So what is it in the NFL? Below the shoulders and above the knees? Or is it smaller? For everyone old enough, it reminds me of a certain scene from "The Jerk" starring Steve Martin (best Roger Goodell impression, ever!)

The Redskins, without RG3, come out with a win over the Steelers last night, in what could be considered the Injury Bowl. Nearly ten players from both sides of the ball, including Rex Grossman (QB - Washington Redskins), Lawrence Timmons (LB - Pittsburgh Steelers) and Kirk Cousins (QB - Washignton Redskins) all missed time due to injury during the match-up.

The Cleveland Browns have announced Brandon Weeden (QB - Cleveland Browns) as their starting quarterback. Weeden has proved solid this pre-season, going 10 of 13 for 112 yards and touchdown again the Rams in weekone, and then 8 of 12 for 117 yards and two touchdowns this last week. The 29-year-old is completing over 70% of his passes, without throwing an interception.

In some 'shouda known better news', for Defenses and IDPs in fantasy football, Von Miller (LB - Denver Broncos), All-Pro and star sack leader for the Broncos, will now miss the first six games of regular season action for violating the NFL's policy on performance enhancing drugs. In his past two seasons, he has been the Broncos' sack leader, grabbing 30. If unchanged, his banishment from the team will begin August 30th.

That's it for me today. Tonight, I'll be recording, along with The Mad Scientist, a new episode of the Fantasy Football Toolkit. Tomorrow, check out Dellav and Dotson live from the Crane Room Bar and Grille in New Castle for 3SN live. Take it easy everybody!

Top Five Fantasy Football Running Back Sleepers

Running backs are the staple to fantasy football, and on my fantasy roster, the running back position is just as important as paying my entrance fee each year. Everyone knows Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster and Doug Martin are some of the top fantasy football players in the backfield, but what about the forgotten few that can see some action at RB2 or Flex? Let's take a look at the top 5 fantasy football running back sleepers.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Injuries, fantasy football news and more

Andrew Luck (QB - Indianapolis Colts) threw for a little over 100 yards and two touchdowns in the Colts' win over the New York Giants Sunday night. Reggie Wayne and T.Y. Hilton were on the receiving ends of those passes.

EJ Manuel (QB - Buffalo Bills) will be considered day to day after pre-season ends, and could start game one of the NFL season. He underwent the knife Sunday morning, and although there were signs of swelling, the procedure was considered so minor, it shouldn't impact his playing time more than these couple of weeks.

Victor Cruz (WR - New York Giants) left the game early last night for X-rays on his foot. Reports are negative for injuries and it turns out he simply had a bruised heel. No word on his return to practice.

Arian Foster (RB - Houston Texans) is still considered out of team practices with a sore back. Head coach Gary Kubiak was hoping to have his All-Pro running back back on the field by this morning, but that isn't going to happen. Injections and rest have been the order of the day for the young running back, and no time-table for his return to practice has been set.

Jamaal Charles (RB - Kansas City Chiefs) was practicing without hesitation Sunday, after sustaining a leg strain earlier this week. It was the first time Charles had this kind of foot strain, calling the injury "weird" and that "it was definitely scary" because it affected the way he runs.

That's it for me. Tonight, Steelers at the Redskins, and tomorrow, the Fantasy Football Toolkit returns. Take it easy everybody.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Saturday's NFL action, fantasy football news and more

Had a great article on why Tannehill might be a sleeper, and Dustin Keller (TE - Miami Dolphins) goes and poops on it by injuring himself; and now he's gone for the year. The tight end was brought onto the Miami Dolphins to help Tannehill with a more reliable pair of hands. No word on the extent of the damage, nor a time-frame for his return.

Mark Sanchez (QB - New York Jets) had the biggest up / down game of his career last night, in the Jets' 37 to 13 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Sanchez led the way on 5, count them, 5 scoring drives, only to put a dark cloud over the solid performance by throwing an interception in the red zone, and not knowing to get rid of the ball preventing the Jets from grabbing an extra field goal at the end of the half. The outlook for the starting quarterback in New York is still not determined, as Rex Ryan says, and most fantasy football fans agree, "we're not comfortable making that decision"...and neither are we.

In other news Saturday night, the Cardinals held down the Dallas Cowboys' late-game rally, winning 12 to 7. Tony Romo (QB - Dallas Cowboys) finished the game with 7 of 10 for 142; and on the other side of the ball, Kerry Taylor (WR - Arizona Cardinals) grabbed 4 passes for 85 yards.

The Cincinnati Bengals keep the Tennessee Titans without a win this pre-season, beating them 27 to 19. Dan Herron (RB - Cincinnati Bengals) was the leading rusher for the Bengals, going 9 rushes for 81 yards and a touchdown. Damian Williams (WR - Tennessee Titans) was the leading receiver, with 4 grabs for 65 yards.

Ryan Tannehill (QB - Miami Dolphins) looked impressive as he went 10 of 15 for 141 and a touchdown, as the Dolphins lose, not only the game to the Texans, but also, as I noted earlier, Dustin Keller. Matt Schaub (QB - Houston Texans), Case Keenum (QB - Houston Texans) and T.J. Yates (QB - Houston Texans) all had a touchdown for the Texans.

Green Bay takes a game from the Rams, 19 to 7. Aaron Rodgers (QB - Green Bay Packers) went 10 of 12 and 134, without finding the end-zone, and Sam Bradford (QB - St. Louis Rams) finished up 8 of 12 for 156, and no touchdowns (a fumble lost on fourth and goal from the late, late in the first quarter with the Rams trailing 3 to 0 was all on him).

The Denver Broncos get routed by the Seattle Seahawks 40 to 10. Peyton Manning (QB - Denver Broncos) finished the loss with 11 completions for 163 and a touchdown. Russell Wilson (QB - Seattle Seahawks) finished up 8 of 12 for 127 and a touchdown.

That's it for me everybody, take it easy and have a great Selfie-Sunday!

Top 5 Fantasy Football Quarterback Sleepers

Every year, we start off the season thinking about those big names, the guys in fantasy football and the NFL that can take our fantasy football team to the top, or be the biggest fantasy dud ever since believing Doogie Howser M.D. could be real (you know who you are!). Today, we are going to take a look at quarterbacks, specifically, those guys that are falling under the fantasy football radar, for better or worse, and how and when to get these gems of fantasy goodness on your fantasy football roster!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Friday Night Fantasy Football Highlights

Alex Smith (QB - Kansas City Chiefs) struggled Friday Night, taking a few pretty hard shots, and never finding the end-zone against his former team in the San Francisco 49ers. Smith finished the game 7 of 16 for 62 yards.

Tom Brady (QB - New England Patriots) started for the Patriots Friday night, and any questions about his knee were quickly answered, as he went 8 of 8, for 72 yards and a touchdown on his first drive.

Drew Brees (QB - New Orleans Saints) had a strong game Friday night as the Saints topped the Oakland Raiders 28 to 20. Brees went 14 of 18 for 202 and 1 touchdown.

In Buffalo, it was a tale of two cities on the same field, for the same team, as the Bills beat the Minnesota Vikings, 20 to 16. Kevin Kolb (QB - Buffalo Bills) had a dissapointing outing, going 12 of 21 for 111 yards, no touchdowns, but a costly interception. EJ Manuel (QB - Buffalo Bills) on the other hand, shined, completing 10 of 12 for 92 with a touchdown and no picks. This was Kolb's first action since October 14th, when he sustained a season-ending rib injury with Arizona.

That's it for me, tomorrow, I start breaking done some positional players as well as sleepers to keep your ears and fantasy football eyes out for. Until then, take it easy everybody.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Injury news, fantasy football pre-draft info and more

Tom Brady (QB - New England Patriots) took snaps and threw in light practice drills on Thursday. This after a spill involving a defenseman falling into his surgically repaired knee, and is day to day, practice to practice.

The Pittsburgh Steelers backfield took a hit yesterday, as both Isaac Redman and rookie running back Le'Veon Bell found themselves laying on the field. Redman received a decent shot from Larry Foote resulting in a reported stinger (at first thought to be a concussion), and Bell with an "aggravated knee"; some believing to be much worse.

Michael Vick (QB - Philadelphia Eagles) and Nick Foles (QB - Philadelphia Eagles) are making it harder and harder as the preseason goes on for head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles Chip Kelly to make a decision on who is starting. Both looked sharp in last night's action; Vick finishing the game 9 for 10 for 105 and rushing 20 yards, Foles 6 for 8 for 53 yards, 13 rushing yards and a rushing TD.

C.J. Anderson (RB - Denver Broncos) and Knowshon Moreno (RB - Denver Broncos) are both dealing with injuries to their knees. Anderson was diagnosed with a sprained MCL Thursday and will miss four to six weeks, while Moreno continues to miss practices with a bruised knee.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tom Brady's Knee, RG3 and more quarterback news!

Tom Brady (QB - New England Patriots) took a hit to his knee, causing most of the crowd in attendance at yesterday's Patriots' practice to gasp in disbelief. While the image of Brady laying on the ground, holding his knee, looked serious, initial reports are a slight sprain and he could return to the practice field today or tomorrow.

Robert Griffin III (QB - Washington Redskins) took his first snaps in 11-on-11 drills yesterday. The second year quarterback has had a sheltered pre-season thus far, as he recoups his injured knee; of which Head Coach Mike Shanahan will not be pushing. Shanahan is also taking all the RG3 relationship hype, and plans for RG3's knee, with some levity.

Kevin Kolb (QB - Buffalo Bills) will be the starting quarterback for the Bills Friday night against the Minnesota Vikings. Kolb, who is competing with EJ Manuel for the starting nod, missed Buffalo's first preseason game because of a left knee injury.

Nick Foles (QB - Philadelphia Eagles) will be under center to start versus the Carolina Panthers tonight. Both he, and Michael Vick are expected to play a full quarter tonight. Vick started last week's game against the New England Patriots, and is why, according to Head Coach Chip Kelly, Foles gets the nod tonight.

Jo-Lonn Dunbar (LB - St. Louis Rams), has been suspended four games for violating the NFL's policy on performance-enhancing drugs. Dunbar will be able to take part in all practices, exhibitions and meetings prior to the first game of the season, when his actual suspension begins.

"I just want to say that I did not take a performance enhancing drug," Dunbar said. "I mistakenly took something that prompted a failed drug test."

Catch ya all tomorrow, for more NFL and fantasy football news!

Every Star Athlete Must Use PEDs, Right?

Adrian Peterson. Albert Pujols. Justin Verlander.

What do these three star athletes have in common, besides being considered some of the best athletes in the world?

All three have been accused in the past week of using Performance Enhancing Drugs in the past week, even though no evidence exists that any of these three stars have doped.

Enough is enough.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

3SN Live - Fantasy Football Running Backs

We continue to build your Fantasy Football Virtual Draft Guide tonight at 7:00 pm! We discuss running backs, ranking our top prospects and discussing some basic strategy for you to build a powerhouse fantasy team! Send us your questions on twitter @3SNetwork and we will answer them live! Stop by the Crane Room to join the fun!

Burress, Richardson and Floyd...oh my!

The Steelers have put Plaxico Burress (WR - Pittsburgh Steelers) on the IR. Burress had surgery Monday morning to repair a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder. Burress only played 3 games last season for the Steelers, and this move could mean no games this year.

Trent Richardson (RB - Cleveland Browns) will finally play a pre-season game as a Brown. The second year starting running back looks to better his rookie season for fantasy football players over last year's 267 rushes for 950 yards and 11 touchdowns on the ground, along with one in the air.

Buffalo Bills coach Doug Marrone said in a recent interview with the NFL Network that he'll name a starting quarterback no later than 10 days before the season opener, if no clear pick emerges any sooner. First-round pick EJ Manuel is the current favorite after his strong outting on Sunday.

As a follow-up to some injury news, Malcolm Floyd (WR - San Diego Chargers) has a sprained knee and will be out until week one. This news could lead to other problems we eluded to as well, including the fact the expected starters at wide receiver are now injured for the Chargers.

Doug Martin - Fantasy Sleeper to Fantasy Stud

My how times have changed for Doug Martin since I wrote about him last year. At that time in the fantasy football world, people scoffed at the notion of a 1st round running back in Tampa Bay having success with the likes of LeGarrette Blount roaming in the backfield. Today, Doug Martin has gone from a nearly unwanted, barely draftable in fantasy leagues or a doubtful start, to a top 5 fantasy football pick. In fact, he is leading most Tier2 groups for running back; with some even placing him into the top tier, now with Jamaal Charles's injury.

Doug Martin showed last year how to get things done in the NFL as a rookie running back. Nearly reaching 2000 all-purpose yards, he amassed 1454 on the ground, with an average of 4.6 yards a carry, along with 11 touchdowns, thank you very much!

And for all you points per reception aficionados, let's not overlook his 49 receptions for 470+ yards and a touchdown.

I made the mistake of calling him a good third down back last season, yet his stats show otherwise...he's a GREAT first down back! 189 times last season, he rushed for over 6 yards on first down, with 3 touchdowns. And in the second half, he was real money, hammering out 820 yards on the ground, with 8 touchdowns, to go with his fantasy football niceness of 27 catches for 290 yards and a touchdown.

So, where are his faults? First, he is coming into his sophomore year...which means we have no NFL stats to check out trends. The only trend I can see, is, apart from the week 15 loss to the Saints last year, he dominates his NFC South opponents. Next, the AFC South and the NFC South fixate on rushers who have had one good season...which is especially a problem with Tampa Bay, who can't seem to keep the backfield at 100% for any year that I can remember.

Is he a top 5 running back in fantasy football?

The simple answer is yes. I know I'm a stickler for previous experience to formulate and view trends, but this guy, this 'Muscle Hamster' as he is better known, just flat out runs. He's strong on the left side, and just as potent in the middle. He can also break out a catch in the backfield for positive yardage on a constant basis. These two facts, alone, make him valuable in normal redrafts and PPR leagues.

That's my look back at 'sleeper' pick from last season Doug Martin...who now is no where close to that, and if you are lucky to get him, then congrats to you, my friend!

Do you have a sleeper pick this season that you want us to review? Or, would you like to write your own thoughts about him? Comment or send me a message at thefantasyfootballtoolkit@gmail.com and I'll get you hooked up on your fantasy football needs!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Malcolm Floyd and RG3

Chargers wide receiver Malcolm Floyd (WR - San Diego Chargers) was carted off of the field Monday after banging his knee during one-on-one drills. Looks like this could be a strain that holds him out of active duty for two to six weeks. Floyd led the team with 56 receptions for 814 yards and 5 touchdowns last year.

The fantasy football outlook for this injury is fairly simple. Philip Rivers is going to have to rely more on Robert Meachem and Eddie Royal, as well as Vincent Brown who missed all of 2012 with a broken ankle. Antonio Gates could be targeted more, especially early in the season, and this could mean more carries and catches for Ryan Matthews.

Last week, Danario Alexander sustained a season-ending ACL tear. This being the first of his NFL career, after sustaining three in his college days. In the last nine games of last season, Alexander caught 37 passes for 650+ yards and seven touchdowns. Floyd and Alexander were expected to be the Chargers' one-two punch this season.

Robert Griffin III (QB - Washington Redskins) is butting heads with head coach Mike Shanahan...but in a good way. It seems RG3 is lobbying, heavily, to get back on full 11-on-11 practices and to take live snaps in preseason games. However, Shanahan is sticking by his guns and making sure RG3 is at 100% before he goes full-bomber-squad.

RG3 completed his stellar rookie season with 3200 yards passing, 20 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. He also added over 800 yards on the ground and 7 touchdowns.

7 Steps to a Better Draft

Draft day in fantasy football are looming for most of us. You can buy all the best magazines, steal the experts' charts for the top 200, top 500 or top players by position...heck, you can even pay someone to draft for you to get a leg up. But if you are like most fantasy football players and owners, you just want some simple, clear and concise information on getting a grip for your upcoming fantasy football draft. And, I'm here to help! In 7 easy steps you are going to turn that dud of a team you drafted last year, into the stud of the league this fantasy season.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Jamaal Charles, Baltimore Ravens and Andy Reid

Jamal Charles (RB - Kansas City Chiefs) was carted off of the field this morning, after sustaining what reports are calling a 'tweak' of his knee. Looks like the action was only precautionary one, and no further playing time should be missed.

Dallas Clark (TE - Baltimore Ravens) signed with the Baltimore Ravens yesterday. After losing Dennis Pitta to a dislocated hip, and Ed Dickson suffering a hamstring tear, the Ravens aren't only looking for a starting tight end, but depth at receiver. Last season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Clark caught 47 passes for 400+ yards and 4 touchdowns.

Brandon Stokley (WR - Baltimore Ravens) also signed with the Ravens on Sunday to a one-year contract. Last year, while with the Denver Broncos, Stokley grabbed 544 yards with 5 touchdowns.

Andy Reid has been a fan of Alex Smith (QB - Kansas City Chiefs) since Reid was the head coach in Philadelphia, a new interview suggests. Reid confirmed this to Peter King of The Monday Morning QB, "I just always watched him and thought, I'd like to coach that kid."

Last year, Alex Smith played in ten games, finishing the year with a QB rating of 104.1, on 1700 yards, 13 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. In his last full season in 2011, Smith threw for 3100 yards, with 17 touchdowns in the air and two on the ground.

Take care everybody, and we will see ya tomorrow.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

What's Wrong With Sports: Ignoring the Good of Sports

Yesterday when I was supposed to be doing work and preparing lessons, I naturally found my iPhone in my hand and the Facebook app open.

I know, shocker.

As I scrolled down my news feed full of the usual picture postings and status updates and memes, I saw a rare posting from an old college friend, Jordan Crolly. His status update was titled "Top 10 Reasons I Don't Want [People] Making Negative Comments on My Facebook Statuses Anymore."

I usually only hear from him twice a year (the weeks where his Giants play my Cowboys). So naturally I was intrigued to see what negative comments he had been getting.

As I read through his post, I just lit up. I loved and agreed with every sentence.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

3SN Live - Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

The Trio is back LIVE at 6:00 from the Crane Room! We'll discuss fantasy football quarterbacks and answer all of your fantasy questions! Join us! $3 Sangria tonight!!