Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fantasy Football Power Rankings Changes

Not too much to report concerning player moves so lets take a look at some power rankings. Whenever I cover power rankings, and fantasy football player movement, keep in mind, I use standard scoring, and that is...1 point for every 25 yards thrown, 1 point for each 10 yards rushing or receiving, along with 6 points per touchdown, whether thrown or otherwise.

Robert Griffin III (QB - Washington Redskins) is finally starting to come up on draft boards from his previous number 15 position into the tier 4, some even placing him into the tier 2. This, about the only good news for a fairly banged up passing corp for the Washington Redskins.

Matt Ryan (QB - Atlanta Falcons) is finally getting some more respect. Previous to this week, the average draft position for the Atlanta Falcon starting quarterback was somewhere in the tier 5 region. Currently he is ranked on average as the number 6 to number 9 fantasy football quarterback.

Eli Manning (QB - New York Giants) is still falling in value. The injury to Victor Cruz and problems with the backfield in New York might have helped this Giant fall. Right now, his projection is nearly a round 9 selection...that is completely undervalued.

Andrew Luck (QB - Indianapolis Colts) seems to finally be breaking the top ten for fantasy football quarterbacks, sleepers or not. The averaged draft position for Luck is now leaning towards QB9 through QB12, with him now considered a solid tier 3 quarterback.

Arian Foster (RB - Houston Texans) is on a free-fall in his fantasy football value. A sore back was the initial reasoning for him missing games and practices, but now it's public knowledge he is receiving injections for pain, soreness and stiffness into his legs too. WOW!

Jamaal Charles (RB - Kansas City Chiefs) hasn't seen a lot of movement in his fantasy football value after his injury last week...not much to cover.

Trent Richardson (RB - Cleveland Browns) is surging his placement this week. After missing some practices before last week's game against the Detroit Lions with a shin injury, he still rushed 6 times for 33 yards. Norv Turner has also stated that he is targeting more carries and more catches for the running back...all good music to my fantasy football ears!

CJ Spiller (RB - Buffalo Bills) is starting to fall, as the mist known as pre-season hope starts to fade away from the Buffalo Bills once again. A question at quarterback, along with lackluster depth at receiver, have turned the backfield into a Thunderdome of potential problems.

Brandon Marshall (WR - Chicago Bears) has found a groove with Jay Cutler (QB - Chicago Bears), and fantasy football owners are taking notice, as Brandon Marshall moves into a virtual tie with Demaryius Thomas (WR - Denver Broncos) for the number 2/3 position for wide receivers.

Larry Fitzgerald (WR - Arizona Cardinals) has fell hard in fantasy rankings. After starting the pre-season in the top ten, has is barely squeaking into the top 15 with an average draft position at round 7 through 10.

Dez Bryant (WR - Dallas Cowboys) and AJ Green (WR - Cincinnati Bengals) both continue to slide, each moving further and further until now, they are both tier two receivers.

That's it for me, as we look briefly at some rankings' changes in fantasy football. Check out Dotson and Dellav, live at the Crane Room Bar and Grille in New Castle PA tonight, starting at 6 o'clock...all of it live, on 360 Sports Network. Take it easy everybody...

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