Sunday, August 18, 2013

Saturday's NFL action, fantasy football news and more

Had a great article on why Tannehill might be a sleeper, and Dustin Keller (TE - Miami Dolphins) goes and poops on it by injuring himself; and now he's gone for the year. The tight end was brought onto the Miami Dolphins to help Tannehill with a more reliable pair of hands. No word on the extent of the damage, nor a time-frame for his return.

Mark Sanchez (QB - New York Jets) had the biggest up / down game of his career last night, in the Jets' 37 to 13 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Sanchez led the way on 5, count them, 5 scoring drives, only to put a dark cloud over the solid performance by throwing an interception in the red zone, and not knowing to get rid of the ball preventing the Jets from grabbing an extra field goal at the end of the half. The outlook for the starting quarterback in New York is still not determined, as Rex Ryan says, and most fantasy football fans agree, "we're not comfortable making that decision"...and neither are we.

In other news Saturday night, the Cardinals held down the Dallas Cowboys' late-game rally, winning 12 to 7. Tony Romo (QB - Dallas Cowboys) finished the game with 7 of 10 for 142; and on the other side of the ball, Kerry Taylor (WR - Arizona Cardinals) grabbed 4 passes for 85 yards.

The Cincinnati Bengals keep the Tennessee Titans without a win this pre-season, beating them 27 to 19. Dan Herron (RB - Cincinnati Bengals) was the leading rusher for the Bengals, going 9 rushes for 81 yards and a touchdown. Damian Williams (WR - Tennessee Titans) was the leading receiver, with 4 grabs for 65 yards.

Ryan Tannehill (QB - Miami Dolphins) looked impressive as he went 10 of 15 for 141 and a touchdown, as the Dolphins lose, not only the game to the Texans, but also, as I noted earlier, Dustin Keller. Matt Schaub (QB - Houston Texans), Case Keenum (QB - Houston Texans) and T.J. Yates (QB - Houston Texans) all had a touchdown for the Texans.

Green Bay takes a game from the Rams, 19 to 7. Aaron Rodgers (QB - Green Bay Packers) went 10 of 12 and 134, without finding the end-zone, and Sam Bradford (QB - St. Louis Rams) finished up 8 of 12 for 156, and no touchdowns (a fumble lost on fourth and goal from the late, late in the first quarter with the Rams trailing 3 to 0 was all on him).

The Denver Broncos get routed by the Seattle Seahawks 40 to 10. Peyton Manning (QB - Denver Broncos) finished the loss with 11 completions for 163 and a touchdown. Russell Wilson (QB - Seattle Seahawks) finished up 8 of 12 for 127 and a touchdown.

That's it for me everybody, take it easy and have a great Selfie-Sunday!

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