Monday, October 29, 2012

WPIAL Class A Playoff Bracketology

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It's not March yet, but it's always fun to do some bracketology! This time, we'll try to break down the 16-team brackets for WPIAL class A high school football playoffs. 

Now why did we choose this region? Well, one, we're from western PA. Second, I attended one of the schools in the playoffs. And third and most importantly, it's going to be the most fun and most challenging bracket to create.

So without further adieu, let's get it going!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

WBBW - Fantasy Football Advice

See who James says are the best players to pick up this week in fantasy football! Plus, a little debate on why MLB ratings are so low. Aired at 5:30 on 10-24-12 on The Ryan & Christian Show, ESPN Radio 1240 WBBW.

Week 8 Fantasy Football Start/Sit/Sleeper

Time to give our week 8 Fantasy Football picks! Send us your individual start/sit questions!!


Start ‘em
Sit ‘em
Sleeper Pick
Value Man:
Philip Rivers (at CLE) – I’m not a huge Rivers fan, as everybody knows, but he gets a favorable matchup coming off of a bye week. He can put up huge numbers at Cleveland this week. The only thing that might worry me is a west-coast team with a 1:00 Eastern start…I’ll take that risk coming off of the bye.

Alex Smith (at ARI) – I like Alex Smith and think he can be a great QB. However, he doesn’t throw downfield enough, and this week he’s playing Cardinals’ 4th ranked passing defense. There are better options out there this week.

Mark Sanchez (vs. MIA) – As much as I dislike Sanchez as a QB, I think he could be a nice play this week against the Miami pass defense that is currently ranked 28th in the league. He threw for 328 yards and a TD last week against the Patriots, and it could have been more if not for drops and bad play calling. The Tebow fear is there, but until Tebow takes away goal line opportunities, you can at least use Sanchez sparingly in a matchup game.

The Saint:
Peyton Manning (vs. NO) – Facing the league’s 30th ranked passing defense. If Josh Freeman could throw for 4 TDs against them, what do you think Peyton Manning could do?

Mike Vick (vs. ATL) – Just too many turnovers and too inconsistent of play. The bye week helps, but do I trust him against the Falcons? No.
Andrew Luck (at TEN) – Every QB that has faced the Titans this year has scored 15+ fantasy points.

Mad Scientist:
Carson Palmer (at KC) – The Raiders will use any and all means to put points on the board, and facing Brady Quinn may mean Palmer can take a few more risks and chuck it deep.
Matthew Stafford (vs.  ARI) – I’m almost considering benching Megatron. That’s how badly the Lions are doing on offense right now. If more teams keep going into prevent defense, Stafford will be forced to just hand it off more often than not. You can’t throw effectively against Cover 2 like that all game long.

Brandon Weeden (vs. SD) – 328 pass yards and 3 TDs last week, now facing the Saints.

Running Back:

Start ‘em
Sit ‘em
Sleeper Pick
Value Man:
Willis McGahee (vs. NO) – 31st in the league against the rush. Yes, the Saints are also 30th against the pass and you know Peyton will get his scores, but he will audible many times to the run as well. Against such a bad defense, advantage McGahee two-fold.

Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart (at CHI) – Not only because it’s against the Bears, but also because they have COMBINED for only two TDs this year. Their yards per carry average is 3.5 and 4.1, respectively. Not to mention either Newton or Tolbert will continue getting the goal line carries. Neither belongs on your team.

Mikel Leshoure (vs. SEA) – The Seattle run defense is not very good on the road. Yes it’s still Seattle, but after seeing how Chicago just let the game go by putting two safeties over 20 yards off of the ball, I expect to see more run plays for Leshoure in the future. (Rashad Jennings, Darryl Richardson, and LaRod Stephens-Howling are the top waiver pickups for the week though)
The Saint:
Chris Johnson (vs. IND) – Ride the hot hand while he stays hot!
Steven Jackson (vs. NE) – Have you finally decided to sit Jackson every week? He’s splitting carries, will fall behind early and be left out of the offense.

Rashad Jennings (at GB) – With MJD out for a while, Jennings takes over the load. Expect a big role this weekend.
Mad Scientist:
Alex Green (vs. JAC) – Against the 29th ranked rush defense and in a game where the Packers will get ahead early, I expect 20+ carries from Alex Green.

Trent Richardson (vs. SD) – “Healthy” or not, stay away from Richardson for a bit. You can’t afford a guy to carry it 8 times for 8 yards and then decide that he’s too hurt to play. As a fantasy owner, play it safe and hold off for a while.

Jonathan Dwyer (vs. WAS) – He looked like a second coming of Jerome Bettis with his 122 yard performance last week. With the status of Redman and Mendanhall still in doubt, take a look at Dwyer.

Wide Receiver:

Start ‘em
Sit ‘em
Sleeper Pick
Value Man:
Reggie Wayne (at TEN) – Against the 27th best pass defense in the league, expect Luck and Wayne to hook up numerous times on the field. I can see double-digit catches for Reggie Wayne this week.

Steve Smith (at CHI) – Second straight week I vote to bench Smith. Don’t start ANY Carolina player this week against Chicago. And in fact, hold off maybe next week as well until they show they can be effective on offense again.

Santana Moss (at PIT) – I honestly don’t know how Pittsburgh is ranked 2nd in pass defense. With Garcon out still, Moss has stepped up in a big way. He’s a flex play this week against the Steelers if Polamalu is still out.
The Saint:
Mike Wallace (vs. CLE) – The drops kill, but he still gets the looks and the catches each week. That, and the Redskins allow the most fantasy points to opposing WRs each week.

Brandon Lloyd (at JAC) – I had high hopes for Lloyd this year. I didn’t expect him to be a second coming of Randy Moss, but c’mon man! He had eight targets last week – he caught one, for six yards.

Kenny Britt (vs. IND) – He’s getting healthier and stronger and more in sync each week. Don’t forget about this guy.
Mad Scientist:
Malcom Floyd (at CLE) – Good matchup after a bye week. Cleveland is sixth worst against the pass this year, with nearly all damage coming from WRs.

Dez Bryant (at NYG) – Just too many big plays missed on dropped passes. You can’t have that.

Josh Gordon (vs. SD) – Can’t believe how much success the Browns are having with their passing game. If Gordon is available, with the way they throw it deep, you must get him on your roster.

Tight End:

Start ‘em
Sit ‘em
Sleeper Pick
Value Man:
Martellus Bennett (vs. DAL) – Will love to put a TD up against his former team, and the Cowboys will focus on shutting down Cruz and Nicks.

Greg Olsen (at CHI) – Not a chance you go for Olsen. I’d drop him actually. Cam just isn’t throwing well enough.
Dustin Keller (vs. MIA) – Who else will Sanchez throw it to?

The Saint:
Tony Gonzalez (at PHI) – He’s the best in the league right now. Don’t worry about the matchups. Just start him.

Brandon Pettigrew (vs. SEA) – Underperformed this year so far and now has to face the Seahawks.
Heath Miller (vs. WAS) – HEEEEEEEEEEE

Mad Scientist:
Antonio Gates (at CLE) – Cleveland usually is good against the TE. However, after seeing the athletic TE Jermaine Gresham get loose against them, Gates is a good shot.

Brandon Pettigrew (vs. SEA) – Stay away from Detroit players, especially a TE who doesn’t get enough targets.
Brandon Myers (at KC) – He’s been targeted 17 times in the last two games. He could hit 100 yards this week against KC.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

3SN Live - World Series, NFL, Fantasy Football

Dellav and Dot discuss it all tonight LIVE at the Crane Room at 7:00 pm! Stop by for some great food, great atmosphere for Game 1 of the World Series, and to talk sports with us! Also, sign up for a chance at Steelers tickets! Be a part of the show by commenting, messaging or tweeting us @3SNetwork! Also, we have a special announcement to make tonight that you won't want to miss!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

World Series Preview - "Three For The Win" Show

Tune in tonight at 11:00 tonight as James joins the "Three For The Win" weekly radio show. Matt Johnson, the epitome of the collaborative network of 3SN, hosts tonight's debate. Topics include the NFL: who is the MVP, what do you think of the Patriots, and what should the Jets do with Tim Tebow. Also, we'll discuss and debate the World Series. The Detroit Tigers take on the San Francisco Giants in Game 1 TOMORROW! Who will win? You'll hear our predictions tonight.

Listen to internet radio with Three for the Win on Blog Talk Radio

Monday, October 22, 2012

Week 7 Monday Morning Quarterback

The fantasy experts of 360 Sports Network had an awfully good week in terms of predicting the studs and duds for week 7 fantasy football. There's always room for improvement, so here's our Monday morning quarterback for week 7.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fantasy Football Start/Sit/Sleeper Picks - Week 7

It's that time of week again! We give you our must start players who aren't guaranteed starters each week, we give you players to sit this week no matter what, and we give you our sleeper/waiver wire picks. Those "Crane Men" are such big pickups this week that you need a crane to pick them up off of waivers! This week, all of a sudden you see Cowboys players going from the sit column to the start column.

With all of the bye weeks (Kansas City, Atlanta, San Diego, Miami, Philadelphia, Denver), you need some fantasy bench warmers and waiver picks to come in the clutch in your lineup. Let us answer your individual questions! Comment on this post, send us an email at, write on our Facebook wall, or send us a tweet @3SNetwork. Many ways to talk with us, so pick one and let us make your fantasy team sizzle!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

3SN Live - 10/17/12

Dotson and Dellav talk all sports possible! Fantasy football discussions, MLB playoffs, and much much more all here for you at 3SN Live from the Crane Room. Tweet us your questions @3SNetwork!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Remembering Dan Wheldon - One Year Later

Dan Wheldon 1978-2011
One year. A lot can happen in one year. Good things, bad things, moments you won’t remember, moments you’ll never forget. But no matter what happens in any amount of time, it is impossible to forget and nearly impossible to move forward from a day filled with so much sadness. For some, that day is parting ways with the one you love. For others, it’s watching a family member in the military being deployed overseas. For many, it’s the loss of a loved one at too young of an age.

One year ago today, the sports world lost Dan Wheldon at too young of an age.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Morning Quarterback - Week 6

Another week of fantasy football is in the books, and we have lots to assess. We gave you our week's picks on Thursday, and for the most part we were alright. Nobody picked a huge stud, mainly picks were on the "good not great" status. We did have a couple picks where we were just plain wrong, however. It happens, we assess, and look to do better each and every week.

And with that, here's our week 6 analysis.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

What's Wrong With Sports - NASCAR

I’ve let this one fester for a week now, and enough is enough. I need to speak my mind.

I am sick of NASCAR. I am sick of everything it stands for. I am sick of hot shot drivers thinking they’re tough. I’m sick of their fans thinking it’s so much better and more challenging than other racing.

Most of all, I am sick of restrictor plate racing.

I am sick and tired of seeing 30 cars within a few yards of each other. I have had enough of tandem drafting, where the only way to the front is to get pushed. I don’t care for “the big one” where 20+ cars are involved in a huge crash because they cannot get away from the carnage.

It needs to stop. Now. (If you haven't seen the video, look below at how ridiculous this looks)

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Dotson and Dellav are broadcasting LIVE leading up to the Steelers vs. Titans Thursday Night Football Game. We talk Steelers, NFL, and fantasy football up to kick off!

Don't have the NFL Network? Stop by the Crane Room and have some POUND FOR POUND WINGS while you watch the game! Plus sign up for a chance at Steelers tickets! Can't make it? Tune in for some fantasy talk and more. Join the show by tweeting us @3SNetwork.

Week 6 Fantasy Football - Start/Sit/Sleeper

Four fantasy football experts giving their opinion on this weeks studs, duds, and sleepers. Some contrasting opinions as well! The Mad Scientist says start Ridley, while the Value Man says bench him against Seattle. Lots of great opinions, you make the final call. Good luck in week 6! Good luck in the bye weeks.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

3SN Live

Dotson and Dellav talk all sports possible! Fantasy football discussions, fan issues, and much much more all here for you at 3SN Live from the Crane Room. Tweet us your questions @3SNetwork!

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Pigskin Blink for October 8th 2012

Monday Morning QB - Week 5 Fantasy Football

Each Monday we'll revisit our fantasy picks from the previous week to see where we were right and where we were way off. This way, we better ourselves as prognosticators, and better you as fantasy owners as well.

I Told You So!

Sleeper Andrew Luck (29.9 pts) - Alex and TheLostCause said this was a good week for Indy, especially with the Chuck Pagano emotions flowing. 362 yards passing, another 24 rushing, and 3 total touchdowns. Luck is close to becoming an every day starter, and if Robert Griffin's injury persists, Luck could be the top rookie the rest of the year.

Start Frank Gore (16.6 pts) - The only thing that went wrong for James and Greg in this pick is the blowout. Kendall Hunter took 11 carries away from Gore (14 carries, 106 yds, TD). Also, Collin Kaepernick and Anthony Dixon took TDs away. Gore is still a great play and a weekly starter, but keep your eye on the carries distribution looking forward.

Sit Buffalo RBs - Fred Jackson (3.4 pts) and C.J. Spiller (2.4 pts) did pretty much nothing against San Fran. In fact, it was Brad Smith (1 car, 35 yds) who led the way for the Bills on the ground. Looking forward, while both Jackson and Spiller are healthy, it's tough to start either one on your fantasy team.

Start James Jones (16.6 pts) and Randall Cobb (14.2 pts) - With Greg Jennings hurt and Jordy Nelson not putting up points, James and Greg said to go with the lower receivers in the Green Bay system. If you listened to James (which he decided not to listen to himself...) and took Jones, you had a 2 TD day. If you listened to Greg, Cobb gave you 82 yards and a score. Careful with these guys, though, as they each only had four catches. Without a TD, these are mediocre days.

What Were We Thinking?

Sit Philip Rivers (18 pts) - James said NO would come out full fire on Sunday Night in front of a national audience...other than Drew Brees getting his record-breaking TD, not much went well for the Saints. Maybe James needs to learn to trust Rivers from time to time? Turnovers late kept Rivers from having an elite day.

Sleeper Jerome Simpson (0.0 pts) - No catches for Simpson...eight other Vikings players caught a pass, but not Simpson. Greg didn't see that one coming. Honestly, we aren't sure where to go from here, but he definitely cannot be starting right now.

Start Rob Gronkowski (3.5 pts) - Honestly, you weren't going to sit him. Alex knew that, but maybe he should have at least considered it? For how high people drafted Gronk, 4 catches for 35 yards just isn't enough. 50 rushes to 22 completed passes shows how Belichick is running this offense right now. If somebody needs a TE, we might suggest putting him out there as trade bait.

We did pretty well next week. Let's keep it up and by the end of the year we might be a perfect 64 for 64 with our picks!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

He Said / He Said - The Mountaineers of West Virginia

West Virginia is dominating the college football world right now. Geno Smith has 24 TDs, 0 INTs, leading his Mountaineers to 52 points per game (5th in the country). All roads seem to be leading to the National Championship and a Heisman Trophy for Smith. Or is it? Dot and Dellav have very differing views here. Who do you think is right?

Fantasy Football Week 5 Start/Sit - WBBW

Earlier in the week, James joined the Ryan and Christian Show on ESPN Radio 1240 WBBW Youngstown for some fantasy football advice. Check out his tips for the week, and keep sending your start/sit picks for us to answer!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Week 5 Fantasy Football Picks

We're back again to give you our fantasy football selections for week five! Watch out for bye weeks (Dallas, Oakland, Tampa Bay, and Detroit) although we were going to say to bench Tony Romo and Carson Palmer anyway! 

Remember to send us your start/sit questions through the rest of the weekend! Good luck this weekend!

Pigskin Blink for October 4th, 2012

Big Fantasy Football News - Fantasy Football Toolkit

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

3SN Live - The Value of a Championship

3SN Live brings you a special segment: What is the value of a title? Whether it's an NFL title, Triple Crown in baseball, a BCS championship, a World Series ring, or even a fantasy football special is it? We analyze and debate the value of a championship RIGHT NOW versus the past and versus the future. What do YOU think is the most valuable championship in sports? Let us know! Comment here or on Facebook, tweet us @3SNetwork, tweet Alex (@3SNdellav) James (@3SNdot) or Gello (@theONEangelo15) directly, or even call in to the show!!

Weekly picks:

QB - Matt Ryan
RB - Arian Foster
RB - Ray Rice
WR - Roddy White
WR - Victor Cruz
TE - Tony Gonzalez
K - Greg Zuerlein
D - Houston

QB - Tom Brady
RB - Marshawn Lynch
RB - Ray Rice
WR - Roddy White
WR - Victor Cruz
TE - Rob Gronkowski
K - David Akers
D - Chicago

QB - Aaron Rodgers
RB - Arian Foster
RB - Ray Rice
WR - Julio Jones
WR - Victor Cruz
TE - Rob Gronkowski
K - David Akers
D - Houston

Injury Reports and Statuses - Pigskin Blink October 3rd, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jay Cutler, Role Model?

Two weeks ago, Jay Cutler was seen yelling at his offensive linemen and bumping into one of them disgustedly on his way to the sideline. He was frustrated, rightfully so, but went over the line with the physical contact with his teammate. He got ridiculed massively in the media for his hot-headedness, and he responded with an apology and better antics the next week. Disaster averted right?

Wrong. Last night he was seen multiple times yelling at his coaches for not getting plays into him in time. Then he goes on a bit of a tirade on the sideline, walking away from one of his coaches in anger.

Analysts call it typical Cutler. Many claim that last night's antics are no big deal; that he's being his normal, bold and demonstrative self. I say enough is enough. He's being a poor sport and a TERRIBLE role model for fans out there.

Week 4 NFL Recap - Pigskin Blink October 2nd, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Morning Quarterback

Each week we give you our fantasy football start 'em and sit 'em picks to make your team the best it can be. As you know, though, nothing is an exact scientist, even for a fantasy expert dubbed "The Mad Scientist."  We're right more often than not, and we're proud of it. But we'll be the first to admit that we were wrong.

So, introducing a new feature of the 360 Sports Network's unparalleled coverage of fantasy football: The Monday Morning Quarterback. In this weekly post, we'll analyze the things we predicted correctly and discuss what went wrong in our previews. This analysis will help us become better prognosticators to allow us to give you even better advice in the future. Also, this will allow you to see into our thought processes, thus making you an even better fantasy player as well.