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NFL Power Rankings Week 13:Every Pro Football Team

Ok is The Week 13 NFL Pro Football Power Rankings by 360 Sports Network. We are going to be blunt and honest about every NFL team, and a little bit more so about the personnel of these pro football teams.

Championship Week - BCS Preview

Current BCS Rankings
The final regular season BCS rankings have two SEC teams at the top again, three in the top eight. Two non-BCS teams are in the top 7, and the B1G and Big East aren't seen in the top 12! It's possible that automatic qualifiers from the BCS conferences may have records of 7-6 and 7-5, yet an undefeated Houston team may not even get a chance at the title. In a word: Chaos.

So here’s the deal: No matter what happens this weekend in college football, there will be outcries against the BCS. No matter what happens, some team will feel left out, unable to prove to the world that they are worthy of a National Title. 

But, instead of critiquing the BCS (we’ll save that for AFTER the bowl games are announced…) let’s instead look at the big games this weekend and try to figure out who’s in and who’s out.

Fantasy Football Toolkit for November 29th, 2011

BCS Rankings: Top 25

Seems to me like an LSU and Alabama rematch is going to happen. To be honest, im so sick of SEC dominace in college football but at the end of they day all about getting the two best teams to play.

I'm not sure what to do with Houston. I put Houston behind all of the one-loss teams other than Boise State, because all of those teams have at least one very good win and that something Houston does not have. I know they can still beat Southern Miss this but I still think that doesn't give them the win they need to jump those other teams in my opinion. Also Southern Miss could be a potential opponent for Pittsburgh in the Liberty Bowl, so Pitt fans may want to pay close attention to their game against Houston this week.

As for the Big East I have West Virginia as my only ranked team but considering how they won the backyard brawl last week, they should feel fortunate that I still consider them a top 25 team. To see the full rankings click on the link below.

Suh info, Del Rio out and Orlovsky and Painter QB change

Ndamukong Suh was suspended, as anticipated by the NFL on Tuesday for two NFL games - he is appealing the NFL Commissioner's decision. Adjust your fantasy football rosters accordingly if this suspension stays. Jack Del Rio and the Jacksonville Jaguars have parted company after an abysmal 3 and 8 start to this 2011 NFL season. The Indianapolis Colts, another team without the NFL Playoffs on their radar, fired defensive co-ordinator Larry Coyer and switch quarterbacks Curtis Paints for Dan Orlovsky.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Week 12 Fantasy Football Review

This past week has been one where I've ate a lot of my words in the world of fantasy football. Vince Young with 400 yards passing? Mike Williams and Blount both scoring some decent fantasy points? Chris Johnson grabbing 150 yards on the ground?

Giants and Saints Review, Suh's Fines

Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is expect to receive a 2 game minimum suspension, as well as $25,000 in fines from his team and possibly more by the NFL. Matt Lienart, after a great start to the first half on Sunday, left the game with a broken collarbone, and left the season on IR. We look at the New York Giants at the New Orleans Saints Monday Night Football game, and the amount of fantasy football points to go around. All this, and more on this, the November 29th, 2011 daily broadcast of the Pigskin Blink.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 12 Fantasy Football Review

Today on the Pigskin Blink, week 12 Fantasy football games are reviewed. Beanie Wells in Arizona had a big game. And, I'll be the first to admit, I might have been quick to judgement as far as Vince Young goes for the Philadelphia Eagles in my fantasy football outlook. Chris Johnson, LeGarette Blount and Mike Williams keep the fantasy football points coming in, but will it last? And more on this episode of the Daily Pigskin Blink, your daily look at fantasy football, the NFL, pro football players, stats, reviews, previews and injury reports for November 28th, 2011.

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The Panther Chronicles: Second thoughts on the brawl

I'm not going to recap the game but I'm going to talk about my thoughts on the potentially last backyard brawl. A while ago I posted an article on why the backyard brawl should not be discontinued. I am having second thoughts now and Its because im wondering if it truly is better for Pitt to have them on schedule every season. So unlike my last blog post, let's take a look at why it would be better for Pitt to end the backyard brawl.

Pitt has this stigma of being West Virginia's little brother. I hate that so much. The sad truth is that Pitt really is the little brother. West Virginia has dominated the series lately and even when Pitt does pull out a victory, its by the skin of their teeth. Pitt loses recruits to WVU because of this stigma and if Pitt did not have this stigma hanging over its head then WVU would not be able to come into Western PA and out-recruit Pitt like they have since the early 90's.

It's obvious that West Virginia fans want Pitt as a rival more than Pitt wants West Virginia. That's not to say that there aren't Pitt fans out there that see the Mountaineers as the main rival - there are plenty that do and the more time goes by without playing Penn State, the more fans get on that bandwagon. But lots of Pitt fans (such as me) would much rather have a rivalry with Penn State. The bottom line is that majority of Pitt fans hate Penn State more than they hate West Virginia. Honestly Pitt fans dont hate WVU they hate the fans. Pitt fans hate the fact that Mountaineer fans bring 20,000 some fans to Heinz field and how they come in, start fights, bully people, and trash the parking lots like filthy pigs. I have such a disdain for WVU fans (I know all fans arent like this) that whenever Pitt beats WVU,  I rejoice over the fact that their fans are in complete and utter misery...and that's wrong of me. The only reason I am so invested in the brawl is because of my hate for the WVU fans and I should want to have a rivalry with them because it benefits Pitt.

The perfect rival for Pitt is Penn State not West Virginia. By leaving West Virginia off the schedule that means there would be an open slot for the nittany lions. Heck, I would even take Notre Dame before West Virginia. Just to have a home and home series with Notre Dame is something special. Having a home and home series with West Virginia is not special.

All in all I'm thinking of just getting rid of the headache that is Hoopie University is not such a bad idea after all. If Pitt can get Penn State or Notre Dame to replace WVU then im all for it. Pitt fans will forget about the last 3 straight loses to WVU (but always remember 13-9)  if it can get a real school like PSU or Notre Dame to be its rival. Another thing is that Pitt is going to have 3 non-conference games open, but the word inside Pitt administration is that 2 of the 3 games available are going to be filled by teams that seem "winable" aka Youngstown State and Buffalo. Pitt athletic director Steve Pederson has said that he doesn't sense much support from Pitt fans and school officials to keep the brawl alive and he has to do whatever makes "sense" for Pitt, and if it doesnt make sense it doesnt make sense. As much as I dislike Steve Pederson I think he is right. And if I'm agreeing with Steve Pederson then I guess thats saying something.......................

Daily Pigskin Blink - Delayed

No daily Pigskin Blink today. Sorry all. Same fantasy football goodness will be coming back tomorrow. For now, start solid plays, stay away from the Seattle Seahawks game, and don't start any fantasy football player on your team with the last name Young this week!


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Pitt / Penn State - Thanksgiving Update

360 Sports Network breaks down the Keystone teams during Thanksgiving week with both Pitt and Penn State having two (hopefully) regular season games remaining.

Panther boy Alex leads the conversation on the state of Pittsburgh. They debate who is at fault for the struggles this season. High Octane the offense sure has not been this year. The Panthers are currently 5-5 heading into the Backyard Brawl against West Virginia, yet are still in contention for the Big East title.

James leads the Nittany Lion discussion as Penn State goes into essentially a play-in game for the B1G Championship against Wisconsin. They discuss the effectiveness of the Wildcat / WildLion offense and who is the reason for its development. Also, they debate who will be the next coach in Happy Valley.

Packers, Cowboys and Ravens Fantasy Football News

I look at Aaron Rodgers' performance to pull the Packers into a 11-0 start, with a clear win versus the Detroit Lions in the first NFL game yesterday. Miami Dolphins lose at the last moment to the Dallas Cowboys who use Tony Romo and Laurent Robinson as they have in the previous weeks giving fantasy football owners nothing but smiles. And, in the late game, the 49ers drops a loss to the NFL's Baltimore Ravens. If you had a fantasy football kicker in this pro football match-up, you had some money. If you play in an individual defensive player fantasy football league, Terrell Suggs was your workhouse. All this more, on the Pigskin Blink for November 25th, 2011.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving NFL and Fantasy Football

Happy Thanksgiving, to all of you fantasy football owners and NFL fans alike. Today we look at the two free agents released on Tuesday in Kyle Orton to the Kansas City Chiefs and Tashard Choice to the Buffalo Bills and what it means to the NFL and to your fantasy football team. Michael Vick missed practice Wednesday, and will most likely sit in favor of a healthy, but head-case Vince Young, so adjust your fantasy teams accordingly. In other pro football news, we look ahead to today's NFL action, with the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers looking to further their 10-0 record against the Detroit Lions - lots of fantasy football players recommended here. The Miami Dolphins look to come into Dallas and make the Cowboys sink. And in the night game, San Francisco 49ers visit the Baltimore Ravens in the hopes of further their 9-1 record, in the hopes of clinching the division in the next few weeks, and getting home-field advantage for a few games. All in all, today holds a lot of fantasy football options, both crystal clear, as well as finding fantasy diamonds in the rough. Enjoy the NFL games today, have a good fantasy football outing and have a safe, fun and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Hot Fantasy Football Players Week 12

Another short week in the NFL, along with three NFL football games on Thursday, makes for some early and often fantasy football plays and fantasy opportunities. This week, we look towards the fantasy football playoffs, who will be the NFL players performing at a high pace for our fantasy team needs, and who in pro football that is riding the waiver wire for fantasy football and shouldn't be.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kyle Orton, Fantasy Football Running Backs and The Chicago Bears

Two stars, Tashard Choice (RB - Washington Redskins) and Kyle Orton (QB - Denver Broncos) were released Tuesday afternoon by their respective teams. Michael Vick will practice today, and in team drills as early as Friday. Ryan Grant (RB - Green Bay Packers) is looking more and more like a fantasy football option for teams on the waiver wire as running backs become more scarce, but is it enough for a fantasy football team? Another NFL team in the division, asks fantasy owners a similar question as Toby Gerhart (RB - Minnesota Vikings) looks to get to start on Sunday.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NFL Power Rankings Week 12 : Every Pro Football Team

Ok folks...get prepared for our look at pro football, as we rank the pro football squads by their wins and losses, how the football team has played other similar NFL teams and how they have adjusted to injury and poor play. This is the Week 12 Power Rankings by 360 Sports Network. We are going to be blunt and honest about every NFL team, and a little bit more so about the personnel of these pro football teams.

Patriots MNF win and league injury report on the Pigskin Blink

I take a look at prominent players in fantasy football that got a little tweaked this weekend. Jay Cutler looks to miss 4 to 6 weeks, hopefully making it back to his team before the real NFL playoffs start. Another quarterback, Matt Hasselbeck, left the Tennessee Titans loss with an elbow injury, but should play this weekend. James Starks (RB - Green Bay Packers) will be listed as questionable for the Thanksgiving games versus the Detroit Lions on Thursday. And Adrian Peterson has a high ankle sprain and a sore ankle, and will be questionable for Sunday's game at the Atlanta Falcons. I also cover last night's game in which Tom Brady and Gronkowski continue their one-two punch against NFL opponents.

Week 11 Fantasy Football Review

360 Sports Network looks back at week 11 in the NFL season and for the fantasy football recap in each game. This week saw a return of a former huge fantasy wide receiver, a fill-in running back that never played like it in Kevin Smith, and a host of other let-downs, big plays, waiver wire possibilities and more in the fantasy football world, including Tampa Bay offense output from Mike Williams and Legarrete Blount once again.

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3SN Live - Crosby Returns

Sidney Crosby makes his return to the ice! We're broadcasting live from the Crane Room in New Castle, PA, to celebrate, discuss, and debate the Pens and many other major sports topics. The broadcast will begin at 6:00pm EST.

(Click READ MORE below to view live podcast!)

Come and join us for a fun-filled night! Half off select appetizers, $2 domestic drafts, $1.50 Labbat drafts, and a fun-filled atmosphere watching the Pens on the 130" Big Screen! Or, if you can't make it out for the game, tune in right here at 3SN! Comments and questions are encouraged. Either comment below or send us a tweet @3SNetwork.

Ray Rice, Kevin Smith and Matt Moore on the Pigskin Blink

I take a look at the games from yesterday. Matt Moore, Torrey Smith and Jerome Simpson all are waiver wire pickups for your fantasy football it before the other owners jump on them! Matt Stafford threw 28 for 36 and 335 yards, 5 touchdowns along with 2 interceptions. Jason Whitten and Tony Romo combine for a Dallas win over the Redskins and Michael Bush continues to make the argument about being a number one running back in, not only fantasy football leagues, but somewhere in the NFL. Legarrette Blount and Mike Williams, welcome back to fantasy football rosters my friends. Finally, Mr. Ryan Fitzpatrick, good-bye, as not only my quarterback, but from my team!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Week 11 Fantasy Football Tips

James joins Christian and Ellis on ESPN Radio 1240 WBBW to discuss fantasy football. James suggests starting Lance Ball, even though it is unsure if he will start. There are many QB pickups available this week, including Carson Palmer, Matt Moore, and John Skelton. Even Alex Smith is available in many leagues. All are worthy of a pickup if you have bye week woes.  Kendall Hunter should be picked up, even if not for this week, but for fantasy playoffs because of Gore's injury-prone nature. Wideouts: Earl Bennett, Laurent Robinson, Damian Williams. All are solid pickups.

Hot Games in Fantasy Football - Week 11

It's fantasy football. Your league is about to enter it's playoffs, or maybe your fantasy football league is winding down it's regular season and you needs points, NOW!

Well, I'm here to help you out. Whether you have a tough choice with Matt Schaub's season ending early, you are split between dumping AJ Green or starting him, or you are getting over the NFL's problem with Tim Tebow, we're gonna help your fantasy team right now, and get started with an in-depth review of both of Thursday Night Football's contenders.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week Ten Fantasy Football Review

Week 10 in the NFL and the Fantasy Football season saw 4 teams score over 35 points, a big-name quarterback lost for the season and the return of Larry Fitzgerald and Chris Johnson to the big-time scoring table. This week also saw the first of the Thursday Night games in the let's get started there.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Final thoughts on the scandal...

I'm just going to spill out my thoughts on the Penn State scandal so here it is:

-First of all we obviously must pray for the victims and not just say that we are going to. I've been guilty of this the past week but we all really need to just do it.

-This situation has hurt alot of people in the Penn State community including myself.  People should be upset over the fact that this was covered up and more children were victimized and not that a school's image and football program was tarnished.

- I think Joe Paterno could have easily done more to prevent future victimization of children. "I wish I had done more..." He admitted it.  You can explain to the victims that JoePa did everything he could to help them. You can explain to them that he couldn't help them because he was worried about future lawsuits the university might face.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Penn State - Everything Has Changed....

(CLICK HERE to read our response to the Freeh Report)

We are now less than 24 hours away from the Penn State vs. Nebraska game, less than 24 hours from my last time as a part of the greatest student section in the nation.  A mix of emotions is currently running through me right now: sorrow at my last game and no longer standing with the great group of friends at nearly every Saturday showdown at Beaver Stadium, excitement at the team being on the verge of greatness and a trip to the first Big Ten Championship game, and feelings of confusion/disappointment/embarrassment over what has transpired in the last week.

Holding onto a dream in fantasy football

"My fantasy football roster is filled with no-talents who had all the promise in the world, and now are getting me squat for points!!!"

"Oh ya?!?! Well, my fantasy football team was projected to average 125 points a week and now I'm barely breaking 80!"

"That's fantasy football teams scores less than I do with my wife, and she lives in Russia!!!"

Your fantasy football team is dwindling enough to make you start to invent fantasy football Viagra? Your players on your fantasy team are letting you down like D.B. Cooper being trusted on a plane full of money? Ready for some fantasy football intervention?

It happens to the best of us (no pun intended to the previous Viagra comment)...we draft the best fantasy football players, we play the odds, the histories, the points, and week in and week out, we get nada in our leagues.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Week 10 Fantasy Football Tips

360 Sports Network fields fantasy football questions, answers quarterback advice, changes at wide receiver and all your running back needs. From Carson Palmer to Mike Williams, from Tebow to Michael Bush, 3SN has all your fantasy football needs met, and questions answered for your team and your league.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

PSU Trustees : Joe Paterno is out

Penn State University trustees tonight, voted to fire both head coach Joe Paterno and university president Graham Spanier amid growing suspicions and a growing furor over how the school handled sex abuse and youth sexual assault allegations against an assistant coach since as early as 1998.

Earlier this week, Coach Joe Paterno had publicly announced, as an act to ease both the public attention of this case, as well as the trustees' need to take action, that he would be stepping down from his head coaching role at the end of this season. However, the board of trustees saw the public outcry, as well as their own moral and value-based roles as heads of a university as widely known and respected as Penn State University.

Jerry Sandusky, a former assistant and constant fixture within Penn State as early as the 70's, was brought up on charges of molestation while running a not-for-profit organization out of Penn State facilities.

However, the most important question has been why Paterno and other top school officials didn’t go to police in 2002 after being told another assistant saw Sandusky assaulting a boy in a school shower. Joe Paterno has publicly stated he feels, in some way responsible for not doing more concerning the rumors and statements.

This now ends a long series of discussion as to Joe Paterno's status with the team in the remaining games of the season, how networks would react to his situation and how the school would react to the public outcry.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jerry Sandusky Scandal - What's Next?

In a roundtable discussion, we debate what happens next with the Jerry Sandusky scandal. What's next for Penn State? What must still happen? Will we ever know the truth? I hope so.

Our thoughts go out to the victims (now reports say there are over 20) of Sandusky over the past 15 years. Justice will prevail.

UPDATE 6/25/12: Guilty on 45 of 48 counts. That's about all we could ever ask for. He'll be in jail for the rest of his life. Now, though, people think that Penn State football deserves the death penalty. What do you think?

The following images are courtesy of the November 7, 2011, edition of the Penn State student newspaper, The Daily Collegian. This timeline helps detail all of the happenings. Why wasn't something said?

The Tebow Effect

As the fantasy football season, and in unison, the NFL season, winds down, trends are what fantasy owners look for. While we, as fantasy football owners, view certain players as 'hands off', Tim Tebow(QB - Denver Broncos - 67.0% owned) is slowly becoming a more and more viable pickup our sprint into the fantasy football playoffs. Yes, you read it, and yes, I just, unfortunately, said it.

Tim Tebow is a quarterback who has done something most running backs won't. He is also something other quarterbacks will not touch. That is to put up fantasy football numbers for constantly getting yardage on the ground, and the potential for touchdowns.

Last year, Tim Tebow was a guaranteed touchdown every week he started, and even before, in weeks 6, 8 and 10, he still rushed for a touchdown, without throwing for one. As a starter, he threw for a touchdown, while rushing for another in each of weeks 15, 16 and 17.

This year, things have changed a bit. Instead of being thrown into the starting role halfway through the season, Tim Tebow was thrown into the role during the week 5 matchup with the San Diego Chargers. Once again, he rushed for a touchdown. He has also only had that single touchdown for fantasy football owners and have relied mostly on yardage on the ground for his non-quarterback fantasy point totals.

Let's look at some stats to see if any trends appear..

OpponentPassYDSTD / INTRushYDSTD
SDG791 / 0381
@MIA1612 / 0590
DET1721 / 1630
OAK1242 / 01180

First of all, we can see that his rushing stats, and by extension, his fantasy football numbers, have gone up as each week has went on. Next, we can see that finding the end-zone through his passing game is the only way this quarterback is likely to make touchdowns this NFL year.

After looking at the rest of the roster, a few other things start to slowly jump out. First, Willis McGahee (RB - Denver Broncos - 95.8% owned) is gaining a lot of yardage, and many fantasy points when he is playing healthy. This past week, against Oakland, McGahee and Tebow combined for 281 yards rushing against the number 29th rushing defense in the NFL. They will be facing the 18th, 21st and 17th rushing defense overall during the next three weeks at Kansas City Chiefs, hosting the New York Jets and at the San Diego Chargers. The week 12 rematch versus the Chargers should also make for the ground game of the Denver Broncos one to watch, both with regard to a healthy Willis McGahee and Tim Tebow.

While I have been down on Tim Tebow, his fantasy points are consistent, while low, in most of his starting weeks. If this trend in this fantasy football season continues, he should be a welcome quarterback and player to any team that needs quarterback help, or a spot to fill during bye weeks and / or injury. For keeper league players, look for the Denver Broncos to make some fantasy owners happy by placing Tebow into the starting role and continuing to give him more wide receiver and tight end support.

And this is what I call 'The Tebow Effect' in fantasy football. It's simple...find a player who is undervalued, find a trend of potential in him and be truthful with yourself about what he is or isn't doing.

Later all

Monday, November 7, 2011

Joe Paterno Must Go!

I am completely disgusted with the hypocracy of Collegiate Sports. The protection of the corporation at all costs has become a common philosopy of the corporate elite. We have become accustomed to hearing of chemical companies poisoning the water supply of a community for the sake of a profit. We have seen Jim Tressel turn a blind eye to "tatoogate" in Columbus,OH this past summer. But never in my wildest imagination could I forsee a University turning a blind eye for the sake of protecting the profits of it's football program to the sodimizing of young children! The Penn State/Jerry Sandusky affair is just another example of what is wrong with Collegiate Sports.

A sign appeared on the Joe Paterno statue outside of Beaver Stadium today...

It has been stated that Joe Paterno learned about the sexual appetite of Jerry Sandusky from his former Quarterback McQueary who found Sandusky sodomizing a twelve year old boy in the locker room at State College. This incident happened in 2002 after Sandusky abruptly retired in 1998. Paterno stated that he took the matter to the AD and basically stated that he washed his hands of this case. Paterno's look of disbelief is almost believable except for the small fact that he was told by his former Quarterback that something incredibly wrong was going on! It has also been stated that the AD met with McQueary and McQueary stated that "nothing sexual" was going on, just a bunch of horseplay.

Decent folk, upon seeing a child being abused, would contact the authorities immediately to protect the child. The cover up of this magnitude for over ten years galls me as it is deemed "not so important" by Penn State officials.

If Jim Tressel can be held accountable for the actions of his players, Joe Paterno must also be held accountable for the actions of his coaching staff. We are not just dealing with deviant sexual behavior of consenting adults. We are dealing with the raping of innocent children by an entrusted member of the Penn State Coaching Staff. The cover up by the Athletic Director and the VP of Penn State is a tacit approval of Sandusky's actions and places the University in a dangerous place. The place of approving of the raping of children. The only way this scandal can be resolved is if Joe Paterno resigns his position, along with all other University personnel who were part and parcel of this cover up! This is a sad day for Penn State Athletics and the University. Penn State is better than this!

We Support You, Penn State Football

With all of the allegations going on out there regarding former coach Jerry Sandusky, everybody seems to be forgetting about the current young men of Penn State's football team. They have nothing to do with the terrible happenings in Happy Valley, and they are the ones who are going to be most affected by the media blitz that will surround the team and the university.

This post is in support of you, Nittany Lion football team. We encourage everybody to show their support of the team in the comment section below. You are not forgotten in all of this. WE ARE always PENN STATE proud, especially of our students and student-athletes.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Joe Must Go?

Jerry Sandusky, former defensive coordinator at Penn State and once-believed successor to Joe Paterno, has been arraigned on sex crimes involving adolescent boys, dating back (knowingly) as far as 1994. Athletic Director Tim Curley and VP of Finance and Business (essentially having great connections with campus police) Gary Schultz have both been charged with perjury in failing to properly report the multiple incidents.

As a result, Joe must go.

Really? C'mon people!

Over the course of 15 years from 1994-2009, Sandusky used his Second Mile Organization, which according to its website, "is a nonprofit organization serving the youth of Pennsylvania....are committed to helping young people achieve their potential as individuals and as community members and providing education and support for their parents and youth service professionals," to lure his victims, at least eight in all.

One of his victims, now 27, testified that touching with a soap bottle lead to multiple instances of involuntary sexual contact.  According to his testimony, Sandusky even gave him money to buy marijuana, which he smoked while Sandusky drove him home. All of this happened after the boy tried to cut contact, both physical and communicative, with the coach. Nothing was done, because nothing was reported until now.

In 1998, the first known investigation into these disturbing events supposedly (still maintaining "innocent until proven guilty" even though this country works in the entire opposite direction) happened. Here, a boy and Sandusky were involved in "sexually inappropriate behavior" in the Lasch Football Building on the east side of campus. Schultz never reported anything to proper authorities, according to grand jury testimony.

In 1999, Sandusky retired at the young age of 57. This seems a bit more obvious now as to the reasons for retiring....

In 2000, a janitor saw Sandusky pinning a child against the wall and performing oral sex on the boy.

In 2002, a grad student saw Sandusky sexually assault a naked boy in a Lasch Building locker room. The grad student reported this to Paterno, who told his superior, A.D. Tim Curley, immediately. Curley then met with the grad student about a week later, and according to grand jury reports, nothing happened beyond that. Curley's report said the grad student mentioned nothing sexual at all, calling what he saw "just horsing around."

It was after this event that Curley banned Sandusky from bringing children onto campus, and he advised PSU President Graham Spanier of the situation.

Now seven years later in 2009, a boy was given expensive sporting event tickets, and physical contact initiated during the boy's overnight stays at Sandusky's State College home. Charges were filed and it has all led now to the situation we have in front of us.

So somebody please tell me where Joe Paterno is at fault here? @247SportsZone tweeted correctly yesterday: "According to laws when Paterno learned the information, he was to inform his superior right away. He told (Curly) who did nothing."  But @ztappe makes a good point too, tweeting that Sandusky was "still given free reign on campus after 98 allows for 02. No report of 02 allows for 09. PSU at least an enabler."  I couldn't agree more. PSU administration, such as Schultz and Curley, all the way up to President Spanier, played a part in this. Prosecutors have already stated that they (rightfully) are not charging Paterno because he did everything right. He passed on the info to his supervisor, as law requires. Paterno is even testifying AGAINST the defendants. So where is he wrong here?

My take: Joe could have done more, and I'm even willing to say that he SHOULD have done more. But here's the rub...he did proper thing of alerting his superior...his superior says he's got it under control, he's doing everything to get this right. Cases take months, sometimes years, to be put together. When nothing happens immediately, it's because they're working on it. After a year of nothing happening, THAT's when Joe probably should have said something. Here's the rub though: a 70-something year old is the one who is going to remember anything 10 months down the road?  Sorry Joe, you're old. That grad student would probably forget the details after 10 months, what do you think ol' senile Joe would forget?

More info has to come out before any final decision is to be made...made by law officials, made by school officials, made by sports personalities. The fans and non-fans have already made their decisions, when it has been less than 24 hours since news broke of this on SportsCenter. 

PSU fans who already want JoePa gone because they feel he's holding back the program now feel like they have a REASON for him to leave, one where he can't possibly stay for a 47th season. All Penn State fans, students, and alumni realize what Paterno has done for the University, but they also know that he is essentially only a figure-head, especially when he's "coaching" from the press box. (And notice, the last two seasons when he's done that, PSU has had their best records? 2008 to the Rose Bowl, 2011 currently 8-1 and controlling their own destiny to Indianapolis).  Penn State fans know it's time to clean house from a football perspective, and may believe that having a scandal will finally allow for the cleansing that the team has needed.

PSU non-fans love seeing the "creepy old guy" in the limelight for something other than winning, something other than being a coach for over 40 years. They have sat in the dark, and as soon as something happens in Happy Valley, they come out in floods saying "I always knew stuff was happening up there!" Ha, ya, I'm sure you did. And I'm sure none of this happens elsewhere. And I'm sure prostitutes being paid for in Miami means nothing because we expect it with Miami's track record. And I'm sure Ohio State's Pryor/Tressel issues should just disappear because "that's just sports, cheat to win!" Again, people, wake up.

EVERY single school has had issues. (In fact, Penn State, Stanford, Boston College, and Northwestern were the only schools in D1 to not have a major NCAA violation. BC and NW have had point-shaving scandals, leaving just PSU and Stanford. Oh, and Penn State is the only public school on that list, the other private schools not having "the intense pressure that other places have," according to Stanford A.D. Bob Bowlsby).  Penn State's motto, "Success With Honor" is seen emblazoned all over campus. "May no act of ours bring shame" is the take-home line of the Alma Mater. A clean program has always been what Happy Valley is all about. This makes the Sandusky case more disturbing. If it's happening in one of the two schools that has never had a violation, then what's happening everywhere else?

What's wrong with sports? We're human, and we make mistakes. Frankly, I'm tired of having to report stuff like this instead of the sports itself. Very disappointing. I wish every school, every program at every level, could adopt a "May No Act Of Ours Bring Shame" attitude to their program. Not only adopt it, but enact and enforce it. Good luck.

This article was written by a current Penn State senior student, one who has two nieces and three nephews all ages 3-10. If all of these accusations become proven true, I believe that Sandusky should go away for a very long time, I believe that those who did nothing should also go away - Curley and Schultz if they did hide everything, but also Spanier. All parties reported to their superiors, but Spanier is highest at Penn State, he needed to report further to authorities if anybody was to do so. 

This is my opinion. We want to hear yours. What should Penn State do to maintain their "Success With Honor" status?

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Panther Chronicles: The Stache

Remembering THE STACHE

I remember when Dave Wannstedt took over as coach for the Panthers. I remember him arriving with such bravado and such promise of how Pitt was going to win a Big East championship. Ironically enough I believe I am the only one who realizes that Dave Wannstedt actually did win a Big East championship. I know that he didnt advance to the BCS and that Uconn got the bid but he did what he said he was going to do. Dave Wannstedt engraved Pitt's name on the Big East championship trophy and the players got Big East championship rings.

Dave Wannstedt - Meineke Car Care Bowl - North Carolina v Pittsburgh
With that being said I'll be the first to say that I was expecting Wanny to win more while he was at Pitt. Who knows maybe he would have advanced to the BCS this year if he was around but obviously we will never know. His first 3 seasons he led Pitt to records 5-7, 6-6, and 5-7 again. Talk about disappointing. The thing is though a coach generally needs 2-3 seasons of rebuilding and recruiting to get players that fit his system. I gave Wanny the benefit of the doubt and so did Steve Pederson which is why he gave him an extension on his contract.  The 13-9 game was when Wanny and his program finally turned the corner and that was the last game of his third year. So In a way I kind of erased the previous 3 seasons from my mind and started to judge him and his team the following year.

The following 3 seasons he had made bowl games and had records of 9-4, 10-3, and 7-5 (with a Big East title).  That is not bad for a program who had just turned the corner three years ago.  But loses to Ohio, and Bowling Green lingered over his résumé.  The nail in the coffin for most Pitt fans was the loss to Cincinnati in the Big East Championship game in 2009. It was a game in which the Panthers had complete control and a 21 point lead and found a way to lose.Wannstedt lost most of his fan support that game and thus his tenure on the hot seat started.

2010 was Wannstedt's last year and he finished 7-5. It was also a year in which many players on Wannstedts team had gotten arrested. That did not help him in terms of getting off the hot seat. Reports said that Steve Pederson made up his mind to fire Wannstedt when Pitt got embarrassed at home to West Virginia and lost basically all hope of winning the Big East title out right. Pederson waited till after the final game of the 2010 season to fire Wannstedt. The funny thing is that Pitt won their last game against Cincinnati to clinch a share of the Big East championship. Even though Pitt was co-champions and it took 6 years, Coach Wannstedt was able to live up to his word and win a Big East championship.

Among Wannstedt's accomplishments are the following:

1. 2010 Big East Champions
2. Going 42-31 in six seasons, including a 26-12 mark from 2008-10. That is Pitt's best for a three-season stretch since 1981-83.
3. Top 10 recruiting classes that included Blue Chip prospects
4.  Produced NFL players such as: Lesean Mccoy, Darrelle Revis and Jon Baldwin.
5. 3 Bowl trips in his final 3 years as head coach.
6. Led Pitt to a top 10 ranking for the first time since 1982.
7. Led Pitt to a 10 win season for the first time since 1981.
8. Most importantly he brought Pitt nation  13-9.

So all in all Coach Wannstedt was a success for the Pitt football program. And for that I salute coach Wannstedt and his accomplishments at the University of Pittsburgh. Hopefully one day he can come back to Pitt in some fashion. How great would it be that he came back to replace Steve Pederson as Athletic Director? The odds of that happening are slim to none but like I said I leave the Stache with a salute and hope that one day he returns to his alma mater that he loves and adores.

Riding the Pine

Halfway through this fantasy football season, a newer owner in fantasy football starts to worry, starts to see injuries as those NFL bye weeks and bad trades in your league mount up...potentially. Veteran owners, however, know that the season is not won in the draft. Sure, it gives you a template of how you can grab the wins, it gives you your anchors and your stars, but throughout the season, the waiver wire is the make it or break it area of fantasy football season.

So, how do you make these picks?

Well, first, if there is a trend, you'll see it, and you should jump on it. Currently, a big trending player is Brent Celek (TE - Philadelphia Eagles - 10.8% owned). In the last two weeks, he has averaged a TD and 60 yards over a combined 11 receptions. Trends are how you find your personnel.

Speaking of trends, don't limit yourself to player stats, but as a team trend. Jon Baldwin (WR - Kansas City Chiefs - 7.6% owned) is playing on an increasingly more offensive Chiefs team. Playing versus Miami, Denver and the Patriots over the next 3 weeks should yield an average of 7-11 points per week.

Tarvaris Jackson (QB - Seattle Seahawks - 2.4% owned) won't have an easy time over the next two weeks at the Dallas Cowboys and then hosting the Baltimore Ravens. However, in the final 7 weeks of the season, they face an average of 24th in passing defenses, 230+ yards and 11 passing touchdowns given up.

What other factors are there in finding waiver wire picks?

How about injury? No injury has been more prevalent than that of Peyton Manning (QB - Indianapolis Colts - 10% owned). Curtis Painter (QB - Indianapolis Colts - 4.0% owned), however, will not be getting the job done. In the last 6 weeks of games, only one team is in the bottom half of the league in pass defense at New England in week 13.

In contrast, Jackie Battle (RB - Kansas City Chiefs - 65% owned) seems to be stepping up more and more. His yardage totals were spiked versus a bad Indy defense, but he is still going to be seeing more and more short yardage grabs. As this offense gets more stable, his points will be as well, versus good, great and sad rushing defenses - expect an average of 7-12 points per week over the next 6 weeks.

Donald Brown (RB- Indianapolis Colts - 1.8% owned) is splitting carries with Delone Carter while Joseph Addai is unhealthy. If this continues and Painter's play, does, as I suspect, slip as the weeks go on, Brown will not get you 15 points per week, but can average 5-10 depending on the week, and will be a positive fill-in for your bye weeks.

How about increased offensive points via injury-mitosis? That's what you will see in Arrelius Benn (WR - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 1.5% owned). While his consistency on the field leaves something to be desired, a 16.5 YPC is nothing to sneeze at. If he gets more looks, especially against a New Orleans offense that might force this NFL game into an offensive, and specifically, passing / receiving shoot-out, he might have sleeper written all over him.

Okay, so what else should I look out for?

Well, also look at waiver wire spots versus defenses on a per week basis with their own trends. How about this one...did you know Philadelphia allows 5.0yds per carry this whole year? How about the Baltimore Ravens have only given up 2 touchdowns to tight ends this whole year? One more stat to keep you on your thinking toes....Green Bay's passing defense has given all, ALL, ALL starting #1 wide receivers at least 80 yards receiving or a TD this year in

Other players I would look at, especially for this week and the next few are Jason Avant (WR- Philadelphia Eagles - 4.6% owned), Chris Ogbannaya (RB - Cleveland Browns - 2.3% owned) and Lance Moore (WR - New Orleans Saints - 68.9% owned) are all players deserving of looks. Ones to sit and stay away from? How about every player on the Denver Broncos? This means you Mr. Tebow!

I hope you enjoyed my first article for 360 Sports Network, and I look forward to a fun end to this season, as well as providing more cerebral spattle for your fantasy football needs!

Take care!