Friday, March 30, 2012

IndyCar Fantasy Racing - Honda Grand Prix of Alabama

Welcome to the 360 Sports Network segment on Fantasy Auto Racing. Formula1 and IndyCar fantasy games selections will be made each race week leading up to race day.

We make our picks for Formula1 using the Pirelli GP Challenge Platform. In this setup, each week you must pick the podium finishers, the racer with the fastest lap, and the racer with the shortest time in the pits. You can pick the same racer all year round, meaning last year if you just chose Vettel to finish first each race then you probably were in the running for top finish.

The picks for IndyCar will be made following the fantasy racing platform, which asks for five racers to be selected each week. The catch with IndyCar is that you can only pick a racer six times for the entire season, so a little more strategy is required to have quality picks each week, especially once your six picks per racer start to run out.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fantasy Hoops and Baseball Tips

James joins Ryan and Christian on ESPN Radio WBBW 1240 to talk playoff fantasy hoops and preview the 2012 fantasy baseball season.

Back in action

My daily blog has been on hold for a while now due to the fact that I have been dealing with a 22 credit semester which includes a 250 hour internship. I will start blogging more now but I wont be back to "daily" until I graduate (hopefully) with my bachelors in about a month. But anyway ill share a few quick thoughts with you all.

-Randy Moss is a 49er and I love it. I am worried that Alex Smith is throwing him passes but I think he could be fairly productive. I can see something like 1,100 recieving yards and 8 tds if he can get a rhythm in the offense but realistically I see something like 800 yards and 4 tds. Not because he doesnt have the talent to do more but I just cant see him and Alex Smith doing much. He will be productive. He would have been better with the Saints but he choose the 49ers so all the power to him.

I will be blogging about Hines Ward and loyalty in the NFL shortly. I feel as if Steeler Nation was being very rough on the organization for not bringing him back even at the minimum vet salary. He had 14 years with one team. That is so rare and so special. Steeler nation treated him well and even gave him a -3 yard pass to get his record. Might I remind everyone that even the great Jerry Rice didnt play his whole career with one team. San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle, and Denver. Great players dance around teams late in their careers. It just happens. But Hines avoided that and now he awaits (maybe) a hall of fame induction...down the road.

Hines Ward and Peyton Manning's situation made me think of the New England Patriots. The reason why is because they are known for shipping out their veterans and top players when they can't offer any more. Talk about loyalty right? They are arguably the greatest organization of the decade and winning comes before loyalty for them. Think about it. Great Patriot names have been shipped out of there like a misplaced package on an airplane: Lawyer Milloy, Ty Law, Asante Samuel, Richard Seymour, Willie Mcginist, Mike Vrabel, Randy Moss, Deion Branch, Brandon Merriweather, Curtis Martin, Lawrence Marooney, Drew Bledsoe, Terry Glenn, ADAM VINATERI and the list goes on and on.... All these guys were let go by the Patriots one way or another and all these guys STILL love the organization and still are part of the Patriots family one way or another. This is evident by the fact that they all attended Myra Kraft's funeral and they all keep involved in the Patriot community one way or another, if it be alumni games or guest appearances or whatever, they still are in the family. And thats what the Steelers did with Hines Ward. Even when he was exploring other options and couldn't get on a team, they let him come back and do a press conference and announce his retirement as a steeler. Good for him.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Peyton Manning to Broncos, Tim Tebow to Jets

It's official, Peyton Manning is a Denver Bronco. And, live during recording, the Jets finalize a deal to get Tim Tebow. John Fox is the perfect coach for Peyton, and John Elway was an easy choice for Peyton. Plus, staying in the AFC allows for the possibility still of a Manning Super Bowl. As for Tebow...well, a battle with Mark Sanchez will certainly follow. Was Tebow brought to Broadway just to improve locker room presence? We debate...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Why so many upsets?

It's called March Madness for a reason, people.  But even is it that a #1 seed needs a questionable call late to clinch a victory? How is it that a #2 seed that the nation thought was deserving of a #1 loses to a team in their NCAA Tournament debut? That was the first 15-2 upset in 11 years, and it happened against a team that 7% of ESPN brackets had winning the whole thing! How is it that, less than three hours later, another #2 seed, this time the prestigious program of Duke, falls victim to a team formerly known as the "Engineers?" And, don't forget, last year we had a #8 seed and #12 seed in the Final Four. How can this possibly happen!?!? To me, there are two very obvious factors which have led to fewer "locks" in picking tournament games and more upsets each year.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

NCAA Tournament Bracket Predictions

The brackets are out. Now it's time to break down those brackets and see who can make the run to the Final Four! March Madness has begun! But, before you fill out your brackets, check out our predictions podcast. Let us help make your bracket the best that it possibly can be. We helped over 32,000 people last year in filling out their brackets, let us help make yours the best it can be! James likes the Spartans, Alex is picking the Tar Heels. After you check out our opinions, let your own be known! Comment, tweet, email, let us know what you think! Or better yet, put your opinions to the test by joining the 3SN Bracket Challenge by clicking HERE.  Some great prizes await the winners!

Selection Sunday - This weekend's games are irrelevant?


Think you know who will win it all in New Orleans
this year? Prove it! Join the 3SN Tournament Challenge
by clicking on the brackets! Great prizes await the winners!
We have arrived to one of the greatest days in the sporting year: Selection Sunday. After a half-dozen games crowning conference champions, the Selection Committee makes their picks known to the world.

However, it was made public today that the 37 at-large teams had already been decided before the weekend even began!!! So what does today's slate of games truly mean then? That is still to be determined.

So if the field is supposedly already set, I guess it's time to make it known a few hours ahead of time isn't it? Consider this Dotson's challenge against "Joey Brackets" to see who predicts the field better.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sun Belt, Ivy League, Great West Conference Analysis

We break down the auto-bids from the Sun Belt and the Ivy League as well as analyze the non-auto bid league of the Great West in our latest "Road to the Final Four" entry.

Mountain West Tournament Preview

San Diego State has been a pleasant surprise this year in the Mountain West Conference. UNLV and New Mexico are also locks into the tournament right now. The question mark is on Colorado State, who boasts a top 20 RPI and a top 5 SOS. Are those numbers good enough for the Rams to make the dance? Or do they need a big upset victory over the Aztecs?

WAC Tournament Preview

The Nevada Wolfpack have the ability to sweep right through the WAC tournament. With their consistent, balanced scoring, good luck taking them down.  If anybody can do it, it's the double-double machine of Wendell McKines of New Mexico State.

SEC Tournament Preview

Tennessee and Mississippi State need a couple of big wins to get off of the bubble. I don't see it happening. Kentucky hasn't lost since a buzzer beater at Indiana in December. I don't see that changing any time soon either. Keep your eye on Vanderbilt, however, as they have been a streaky team as of late! It is March, though, so we know anything can happen!

Friday, March 9, 2012

ACC Tournament Preview

UNC and Duke....and Miami? Maybe so! Duke lives and dies by the three...beware! UNC inside-out is consistently great! Tar Heels tough to beat this year.

Big Ten Tournament Preview

In arguably the best conference in the NCAA this year, MSU has been top dog. That has slipped lately, and now with the injury of Branden Dawson they could have dropped from a Final Four team to an early round upset in the dance. Northwestern is fighting for a bubble spot, but their strength of schedule and eye test should be enough to get them their first ever tournament appearance.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Big West Tournament Preview

It's all about Long Beach State. Good luck taking down the 49ers.

Conference USA Tournament Preview

Memphis and Southern Miss have outside chances at an at-large bid. Lose the first game and it's likely all over for both, though. Will one of these two win the auto-bid? Or is it possible a team like Central Florida can make Conference USA a three-bid league?

Big XII Tournament Preview

The Big XII Tournament has two strong teams at the top, three solid teams, and one who needs a big win to make the dance. Kansas and Missouri are the top dogs, but Kansas State always plays big when it matters most. Texas needs help, Baylor is sliding. However, it's Iowa State who is looking the most impressive in the conference. That being said, I don't see them making the run all the way to the automatic bid.

Pac 12 Tournament Preview

The Pac 12 auto-bid is up for grabs in what could be a one-bid league. Washington and California have the best chance at an at-large bid. Arizona and Oregon need some help. And watch out for Colorado, I like how they've played lately. They might play spoiler to a couple of teams....

Southland Conference Tournament Preview

Texas-Arlington has the advantage, after all, they are Mavericks. However, James makes a bold last minute decision regarding who gets the Southland automatic berth...Can Lamar make the prophecy come true?

SWAC Tournament Preview

Mississippi Valley State or Texas Southern will more than likely get the auto-bid, and most likely that will mean a "first four" game...Delta Devils or Tigers?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Atlantic 10 Tournament Preview

Tu Holloway and the Xavier Musketeers have made the biggest A10 headlines this year...for a brawl in the first month of the year. Since they the X has been nothing but disappointment. Can they become the third team from the A10 to make the dance along with Temple and Saint Louis? Can Dayton make a run? Or is two the limit for the Atlantic 10?

Big East Tournament Preview

Ten teams are a lock into the NCAA Tournament from the big east....supposedly....I think South Florida, Cincinnati, Seton Hall, West Virginia, and Connecticut still have something to prove. And honestly I don't think Georgetown is an impressive team this year either. The Big East lost two of its powerhouse teams this year in Pitt and Villanova and that has hurt. But they still are the best conference in the league and deserve a good number of teams in the dance. As for the tournament, it's Marquette and Syracuse all the way.

Randy Moss works out for the Saints

Randy Moss is reportedly working for the New Orleans saints this week. This could be a good fit for the "toxic" Moss who was shipped around the league like a fedex package. Brees to Moss has a good ring to it but Randy Moss is going to have to show that he still has the 4.3 speed he claims to have. Honestly, I don't buy the fact that he can still run that fast but if the Saints think he can contribute then more power to them. The Saints have a winning culture there and Moss should be willing to play for a team that can contend for a championship. Either that or he just feels this is his best chance of not having a bounty put out for him...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

MEAC Tournament Preview

Another one-bid league here in the MEAC. Savannah State hasn’t lost since mid-January. Norfolk State nearly beat Marquette in an early season tournament down in the Virgin Islands. Delaware State has offense. However, none of those teams will take the championship. Bethune Cookman, just based on the matchups, will take the MEAC title. Their four starters averaging in double figures will lead the Wildcats to an NCAA Tournament berth.

Mid-American Conference (MAC) Tournament Preview

The Mid-American Conference appears to be wide open. The overall best team in the conference (at least by record) is Ohio, and they have the 3 seed. The top team from the west division, Eastern Michigan, has a losing record and is actually the #5 team overall in seeding. The top seeded Akron Zips have struggled down the stretch, and the #2 seed Buffalo has had back and forth winning and losing streaks. It's all up in the air.

West Coast Conference Tournament Preview

It’s a two team race in the West Coast Conference. St. Mary’s and Gonzaga both have sealed a bid to the NCAA tournament, so the auto-bid shouldn’t mean too much… as long as both the Gaels and Bulldogs make the WCC title game. Gonzaga has played better recently, as St. Mary’s lost three of their last six regular season games, including a 14 point loss at Gonzaga. However, the Gaels handed Gonzaga a 21 point beatdown earlier in the season. So who knows what the rubber match with have in store. St. Mary’s junior guard and West Coast Conference player of the year Matthew Dellavedova will be the difference maker. If he plays his game, advantage Gaels. If not, well then, Gonzaga has the edge.