Saturday, August 17, 2013

Friday Night Fantasy Football Highlights

Alex Smith (QB - Kansas City Chiefs) struggled Friday Night, taking a few pretty hard shots, and never finding the end-zone against his former team in the San Francisco 49ers. Smith finished the game 7 of 16 for 62 yards.

Tom Brady (QB - New England Patriots) started for the Patriots Friday night, and any questions about his knee were quickly answered, as he went 8 of 8, for 72 yards and a touchdown on his first drive.

Drew Brees (QB - New Orleans Saints) had a strong game Friday night as the Saints topped the Oakland Raiders 28 to 20. Brees went 14 of 18 for 202 and 1 touchdown.

In Buffalo, it was a tale of two cities on the same field, for the same team, as the Bills beat the Minnesota Vikings, 20 to 16. Kevin Kolb (QB - Buffalo Bills) had a dissapointing outing, going 12 of 21 for 111 yards, no touchdowns, but a costly interception. EJ Manuel (QB - Buffalo Bills) on the other hand, shined, completing 10 of 12 for 92 with a touchdown and no picks. This was Kolb's first action since October 14th, when he sustained a season-ending rib injury with Arizona.

That's it for me, tomorrow, I start breaking done some positional players as well as sleepers to keep your ears and fantasy football eyes out for. Until then, take it easy everybody.

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