Sunday, August 25, 2013

Using the 3SN Custom Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

For fantasy football owners, research tends to be the hardest part to start. Quite literally, I have found nearly 100% of fantasy owners I've talked to actually be able to talk fantasy football for hours and hours, but when they need to take that knowledge, back it up with some player statistics and construct player lists, power rankings and fantasy tiers, they just can't find an easy way about it.

Now, you can let the 360 Sports Network help, with our customizable fantasy football cheat sheet...and right now, this fantasy football guru is going to show you EXACTLY how to use it, to get started in your fantasy research, and more. We'll cover various league types, fantasy football scoring and player stats and adjusting them.

Step #1 - Download the free cheat sheet!

Let's download our fantasy football cheat sheet to get started. The file is in EXCEL format, and the computations are automated for you, so not too much is involved. I would recommended saving the cheat sheet in an folder, and making copies (we all play in different scoring and team compositions setups for fantasy leagues, so we can gear a particular cheat sheet to those needs).

Instructions Tab

When you open up your cheat sheet, you are presented with a pretty detailed and editable form of scoring options, team makeup and fantasy football league settings and options. Do not panic! Really, these are there for you to refine your needs, they are not mandatory for you to edit to get your fantasy rankings and fantasy football lists started.

Quite literally, you can be done here! Just click on the tabs at the bottom for 'Positional' (the list is broken into fantasy football positions), and 'Top 300' (the list displays the ranked players, in order, based on weight by league settings and fantasy scoring). These two cheat sheets alone are what cause most fantasy football owners to break down and spend $20-$30 a year on fantasy football magazines...but you get them FREE!!!

Step #2 - Enter your Fantasy Football League Settings

Not every fantasy football is the same, but our free cheat sheet is customizable, and that is the first thing we are going to do. Head back to the form by clicking on the 'Instructions' tab if you are not already there. Edit your league settings, including:

  • Passing Yardage
  • Rushing Yardage
  • Receiving Yardage
  • Passing TDs
  • Receptions
  • and more fantasy stats!

On the right side of the cheat sheet's form, you will notice an area for league and team make-up. Set the number of your teams, how many of each position you are expected to start, and bench players. Remember, for flex, if it can be a running back or wide receiver, add .5 to the total starting roster count for each position; or weight them heavier, meaning, if you expect the flex position to be a running back, add .75 or .8 to the running back count, and only .2 or .25 to the wide receivers.

Now, to get your new cheat sheets ready, click the 'Create Cheat Sheets' button, and you will see the file resetting some numbers. When you view your fantasy football rankings by position and your Top 300 rankings, things might have changed. And, once again, you are ready for your draft!

Step #3 - Let's edit some player's data

Using our free customizable fantasy football cheat sheet, you can edit the expected statistic of the NFL players listed, to create an even more refined list of where you think your fantasy players are going to finish, their total stats and their fantasy football rankings. Just click the tab at the bottom of the file, find the player and edit their stats.

Once you have edit all of the players you wanted to edit, click on the 'Instructions' tab at the bottom, and click 'Create Cheat Sheets' again. After a quick recalculation of the players, their stats and fantasy league settings, your cheat sheets will be ready once again!

That's it for our quick, how to guide on using the 360 Sports Network free customizable fantasy football cheat sheet. It's as simple as download, edit and clicking a button, and it is all free! Happy fantasy football Sunday everyone, enjoy these last two draft weekends, and we'll catch you soon!

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