Monday, February 25, 2013

2013 NL East Preview

Spring Training has begun for the 2013 MLB season! That means it is time to do our own training: previewing the upcoming season for the fans! Who will reach the World Series in 2013? See how we think your team will perform this season. In this episode of the 2013 MLB Preview Show, we analyze the National League East. Will the Nationals end up top of the division again? See what our experts think!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Biggest One

What's wrong with sports? Just look at what happened today in the NASCAR Nationwide Series Drive4COPD 300 at Daytona International Speedway.

On the last lap, Regan Smith leads Brad Keselowski toward the checkered flag. Keselowski can't get around him, Smith chops him, and "the big one" occurs. Over a dozen cars end up crashing across the start/finish line.

All drivers walked away without major injury. However, at least 15 (maybe 17 according to some sources) were injured. A couple were seriously injured, one confirmed with head trauma. Kyle Larson's car got airborne and went into the catch fence. His engine literally went right through the catch fence and ended up in the stands. A tire flew over the fence as well and landed about ten rows up.

Everybody is pointing the finger at who or what is responsible.  CNN blames Keselowski for starting the wreck. NASCAR analysts confirm it was Smith's fault (and he said he would block like that again). Fans on twitter say the fence should be stronger or that the fans should be moved back.

Point the finger wherever you want, but one thing is clear: something needs to change.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

3SN Live

Join us at the Crane Room Bar and Grille for another great installment of Dot and Dellav on 3SN Live! We'll be live at 8:00 EST tonight!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Danica on Pole

Racing’s posterboy…um, poster-woman…is top of the charts this week!

Danica Patrick qualified on the pole for the Daytona 500 (196.434 mph). She is the first woman to ever sit on pole in a NASCAR event.

Danica is making headlines for her on-track performance. This comes as a relief to many, and yet as a further irritant to others, whether they be fans or racers or have no care for the sport whatsoever.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

2013 NL Central Preview

Spring Training has begun for the 2013 MLB season! That means it is time to do our own training: previewing the upcoming season for the fans! Who will reach the World Series in 2013? See how we think your team will perform this season.

The Mad Scientist and the Value Man break down the National League Central Division from top to bottom. There is a definite team at the top of the division, and a definite at the bottom. How it shakes down in the middle of the pack is yet to be determined.

Friday, February 15, 2013


The 360 Sports Network wants to extend congratulations and good luck to New Castle native John Sansone. A true freshman, “Soni” will begin the 2013 collegiate baseball season as the starting second-baseman for the #9 Florida State Seminoles.
Sansone was a member of the 2012 WPIAL Class A Champion Neshannock Lancers baseball team. He earned Pittsburgh All-State Player of the Year accolades and was drafted in the 39th round by the Detroit Tigers. He took the trip down to Tallahassee, however, to join the Seminoles’ historic program.
Anybody who says that you cannot do something, look at John Sansone. He jumped onto the scene at Neshannock immediately, hitting more home runs than a senior teammate who was drafted later that year. Many have said that a player from a small school in western Pennsylvania couldn’t possibly compete in a top college program, especially in the ACC, especially as a freshman. They started him at third base, moved him over to first base for a while, and then spent the entire spring with him at second. He battled for his spot, and won it. He never gave up, kept battling, and all of his hard work has paid off.
Congratulations Soni!  Everybody back home will be watching you compete like you always have! Thank you for your hard work and being an inspiration for so many young guys in the New Castle area. Good luck, and HAVE A DAY!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Post-Super Bowl XLVII Analysis

The Baltimore Ravens are World Champions! Some are not too happy about the outcome of Super Bowl XLVII, whether because of the referees or the power failure or just because Ray Lewis won another ring. We analyze the big game and look forward to the future of the Ravens and of the NFL as a whole.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

NCAA Student-Athlete Problems

What's wrong with sports? Student-athletes are no longer in existence. The student part is completely gone, and all that matters is the money. Between Kevin Hart wanting to be a part of "the show" by making a fake recruiting story, and college athletes leaving early for the money (and/or because they cannot pass a class), things are in need of change.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

What’s Wrong With $ports: Money

There’s an old saying: Money is the root of all evils.

In sports, this has never been more of the case. There is more emphasis on the money surrounding the game than the game itself any more. It's not just one specific sport, but practically everything associated with athletics starts with moola. Just look at some of things happening in the world of sports in the a 72-hour span this week:
  • Over $1 billion dollars gambled on the Super Bowl, just as much on prop bets such as “Gatorade color” or “length of the Harbaugh handshake” or “length of the National Anthem” as the game itself. 
  • $8 million dollars for a 60 second commercial ($4,444 per FRAME) during the Super Bowl. $4,444 per frame to watch the GoDaddy nerd make out with the supermodel. Take that $4 million commercial and give it to charity or something please? 
  • Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco demanding top five QB salary and in his interview basically saying he didn’t care that it would mean likely losing major contributors like Anquan Boldin and Jacoby Jones. 
  • A guy betting all he has to his name in Silver Linings Playbook on an Eagles game and a dance competition. (Okay, this isn’t within 48 hours, but I saw the movie for the first time last night. Great flick, an absolute must-watch!) 
  • High school prima donnas getting up on stage and putting a hat on to say where they will go to play college ball. Do you know how much money goes to the school (and yes probably the player) by media going and shoving a camera in the young kids’ faces?
However, all of these are nothing compared to the latest scandal in sports: a match-fixing ring that affected over 600 soccer matches worldwide since 2008.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Top 10 NFL Wide Receivers of All Time.

It started with Randy Moss saying he was the best of all time. Then Jerry Rice replied that he's letting the fans (and his rings) speak for themselves. Then Terrell Owens decided to speak up that Rice is 1a and he is 1b on the list. Finally, Cris Carter gets his Hall of Fame bid at last.

But it got us all debating: Who really are the best WRs of all time? We asked you, the fans, to give us your top five wideouts of all time. We compiled your picks and completely from your votes created a top ten list of the best receivers in NFL history. See where your favorite made the list!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

What's Wrong With Sports - NFL Hall of Fame

On Saturday, the day before Super Bowl XLVII, up to seven new members will be named as the 2013 induction class for the NFL Hall of Fame. 15 modern era players/coaches/contributors as well as two senior nominees are among those in consideration for induction by the Selection Committee. To be elected, a finalist must receive a minimum positive vote of 80%.

There are too many things wrong with this system. Some of the greatest players in NFL history are having to wait year after year to get into the Hall of Fame. The system needs to change.

Friday, February 1, 2013

To (Sp)Read, or Not to (Sp)Read?

With the success of the option attack this season in the NFL (see San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington for starters), many people believe that this will indeed be the new offense of many teams over the next few years. Some believe that organizations are looking more for that style of play now (see the hiring of Chip Kelly from Oregon’s spread system) and within a few years we could see the option offense as the commonplace.

Others believe that this is just not feasible; that there is too much attrition on the running quarterback for the attack to work long term. For proof there, see Robert Griffin III tearing his knee up in the regular season and not being able to run (or throw) in the playoffs. Pocket passers are much more protected, so they will stay healthier for a longer period of time. Thus, teams will stay with a passing attack.

I disagree. I think that the spread, option attack will become the standard offense in the NFL. While some teams will likely still remain with their pocket passers, most will take their chances with the “gimmicky” offense.