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Month of May - Field of 33 Must-Have Souvenirs

In this year’s “Month of May” series, on each day leading up to the Indianapolis 500 on May 26, a different topic about the race or about Indianapolis will be discussed. Each of these topics will be ranked to create special “fields of 33” regarding the Indy 500. I hope you enjoy, and I hope you learn something about Indianapolis and the Indy 500, the Greatest Spectacle in Racing.

We all have great times at the 500 and can enjoy every minute of it while we’re there. But what about after we get home? How can we remember the great time we had in Speedway, Indiana? We all know photos aren’t enough – we need tangible objects. Well, today we look at the Field of 33 Must-Have Souvenirs from the Indianapolis 500. (images courtesy of Brickyard Authentics online you can go and buy whatever sounds like your type of souvenir and you can search for more keepsakes before making your trek to the track!)

Row 11
33. Red Solo Cup - Okay, not the most glamorous of souvenirs. But it sure would look cool to have these cups while tailgating before the race than just a basic red cup, am I right?

32. Lighter - Not exactly "modern" but classics never die!

31. Pen  - Something small that you use often and will consistently remind you of the great time you had in Indianapolis


Row 10

30. Pin - Put it on your bag, on your shirt, on your's always there as a reminder.

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29. Race Recap DVD - pop in this DVD to relive some of the best memories from the Month of May! 

28. Magnet - What better way to remember your time at the Brickyard than with a magnet on your fridge? You eat every day, don't you? 

Row 9
27. Key Chain - Others will see a cool looking key chain and immediately ask about the race. 

26. Chair/Cooler - You can't use this very many places around the house. In fact, other than a sporting event, you can't use it at all. But man does it look cool, efficient, and useful!! 

25. License Plate - or license plate cover, nothing says "I'm an Indy 500 fan" like bestowing it on your car! Too bad it won't go 230 mph...

Row 8

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24. Track Radio - In other years you could buy radios / track scanners at the Speedway. to get a special one specifically from Indianapolis would be pretty awesome!

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23. Photo Book - This book came out in 1998 and has been MY source of learning since then. This and other photo books are nice to have out during the Month of learn, to explain, and to pump yourself up for race day!

22. Playing Cards - How cool would these cards be? I'd look at the cars too much that I'd lose whatever game I'm supposed to be playing!

Row 7

21. Museum Photo - Go to the museum the day before or after the race and get your photo taken in the cockpit of a Dallara chassis. It's cool to fit in there (if you even can) and experience what it looks like from behind the wheel of an IndyCar.

20. Car Decal - Show this off on your car! 

19. Stadium Seat - take this cushion to all of your Little League games and be talked about more than your child's three home runs! 

Row 6
18. Winner’s Coin - If you want to collect something year after year, consider the winner's coin from the prior year's race.

17. Flag Set - On your office desk or in the hands of your kids, a set of flags from the race sure shows your excitement for Indy.

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16. Balloon - One year, the air was so heavy that the balloons released during Back Home Again in Indiana had trouble getting up in the air. A bunch got stuck in the catch fence around the track, especially in turns 3 and 4. That'd be one great souvenir to get one of the balloons released into the atmosphere!

Row 5
15. Golf Ball Set - Golf balls are the new lighters or shot glasses it appears. Hey, I can't argue, they look pretty sweet!

14. Milk Bottle - The winner gets to drink from the same special milk bottle each year, so why not you, too?

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13. Ticket Stub - It seems obvious, but what's more memorable for you being at the race than the ticket saying you were at the race? 

Row 4

12. Shot Glass - Bottoms up!

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11. Brick - An original brick from the track's 3.2 million? That's what I want on my mantle!

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10. Danica’s Wing - In 2005, Danica Patrick crashed late in the race but then continued on to a top four finish in her rookie season. After the race, her front wing was found lodged in another car. They sold the piece of the wing on eBay (for over $45,000). It's one-of-a-kind I guess! 

Row 3

9. Hat - Find a hat you like, you'll wear it the next ten years at the Brickyard! 

8. Autograph - Take any other souvenir, combine an autograph, and you have the perfect keepsake.

7. Lanyard - I have three. I always know which set of keys are mine! 

Row 2

6. 500 Winners Poster - Perfect for your game room or bed room or office. 

5. T-Shirt / Polo - Clothing is the best souvenir...I just wish they had neckties more consistently available for purchase! Kids t-shirts are great to get and keep and pass along!

4. Coozie - Poolside coozie is the best!

Row 1

3. Die Cast Car - What's cool is that you could go each year and buy the winning car from the previous year's Indy 500. That's a great way to start a collection. I was up to about 35 or so, until my nephews started stealing mine! Oops...

2. Program - The best collectable. No doubt.

1. Not For Sale - Sunburn, Temporary Deafness, Hangover...These things cannot be bought and they do not last forever. But they will stick with you forever more than any tangible object can. That's the best souvenir there is, and until you experience Indy, you will never understand what that means.

The Field of 33 – Must-Have Souvenirs

Row 1
2. Program
3. Die Cast Car
Row 2
4. Coozie
5. T-Shirt / Polo
6. 500 Winners Poster
Row 3
7. Lanyard
8. Autograph
9. Hat
Row 4
10. Danica’s Wing
11. Brick
12. Shot Glass
Row 5
13. Ticket Stub
14. Milk Bottle
15. Golf Ball Set
Row 6
16. Balloon
17. Flag Set
18. Winner’s Coin
Row 7
19. Stadium Seat
20. Car Decal
21. Museum Photo
Row 8
22. Playing Cards
23. Photo Book
24. Track Radio
Row 9
25. License Plate
26. Chair/Cooler
27. Key Chain
Row 10
28. Magnet
29. Race Recap DVD
30. Pin
Row 11
31. Pen
32. Lighter
33. Red Solo Cup


  1. where can you purchase the winners poster?

  2. where can i buy the winners poster, i can not find it anywhere

    1. Been looking all over for you for this. First place is, but I couldn't see any. I also checked out eBay and Amazon and no luck.


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