Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Player's Response to Roger Goodell Article...

Anonymous said...
The point isn't that the 'players' anything...none of this should be directed at the players, as they have agreed to a deal FROM THE OWNERS a few years ago. The owners felt they needed more $$$, so THEY are the ones locking out the players...don't forget that. The players could, under terms of the EXISTING deal and possibly, on-going deal, turn down every offer, because there is no give and take. Current players are seeing more money go away, either from the draft/rookie contracts, to existing/new contracts, and only veteran players/retirees are seeing any benefit from offers the owners have made.

And I'm sure some people feel the players are not thinking of the fans, but think about this...if I live in dirt, and have a shack, but I have a gift to allow me to afford the shack and no live on the dirt, should I sell my shack to live in the dirt "with the fans"? Rookie minimum contracts are what, 700k? After taxes, union dues, agents, lawyers and the like, what are they left with 300k if they are lucky? And now you are asking that player to give up another 9% off the top, bringing him down to what, possibly 200k? That sounds crappy for being a professional sports player in the NFL. Movie studios wouldn't dare ask actors/actresses to take 9% less because they felt like it.

As for the players seeing the points worthy of walking away, it's simple...would you take a 9% pay reduction in order to pay for a retired workers' health insurance, while your boss builds new offices/plants/buildings/hires more workforce and their sales go up 1-3% per year (even for a losing org.), including TV contracts, all the while asking you to work harder and more days and your boss complains about his business dwindling? It's the owners, not the players, and the owners don't care.
March 13, 2011 12:09 PM

Yes- I reposted this article because it is very well written and sums it up from the players perspective! Anonymous makes a lot of sense... We as fans tend to forget about the large amounts of bills occurred. Granted, players are making a lot of money. But that money is paltry compared to what the owners in the NFL are making. Let's not forget, this is as much about labor as the public works employees clause in Wisconsin. Somewhere, there needs to be a common ground.

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